Liberal Block

Hello everybody, Wild Bill for America here…America’s leading “Liberalologist”.
In one of my previous videos I revealed that the main symptom of the sickness known as liberalism is “Delusions of Intelligence”, the unshakeable belief by liberals that they are intellectually superior to all others.

Apparently some liberals out there were deeply offended that I revealed their greatest secret, that liberal intelligence is only delusional. They were also outraged that I would use faith in God as an indicator because as “atheists” they know there is no God. Well, to those “atheist/liberals who wrote to me I say “thank you for proving me right.”

You see, in order to say that there is no God, the atheist/liberal must have total and complete knowledge of every fact in existence in the entire universe. When they announce that there is no God, they are announcing that there is nothing that exists in all of creation that they are not fully knowledgeable about. That if there was something out there 100 billion light years away from earth that was called God, they would know all about it. If that is not delusional, what is?

Now occasionally I meet an atheist who will demonstrate a bit of honesty by backtracking and sheepishly admitting that yes, it is possible that something exists in the vast universe that they don’t know about and yes, that something could be God. At that point they are no longer atheists, they are agnostics. Those fortunate few have taken their first step towards recovery. Honest discussion of the issues is the tool that cracks the shell of liberal delusion. The problem is that it is so difficult to get a liberal to discuss anything honestly. They much prefer to make an end run around us adults and take their liberal propaganda directly to our young children, why?

Because children tend to believe whatever they are told, especially when it comes from an authority figure.

Parents don’t let their kids out in the sun without precautions because exposure can cause skin cancer. Exposure to liberalism can cause “soul cancer”. Protect your children. We have sun block to protect against the sun, but we don’t yet have liberal block. Pepper spray shows some promise, but still needs some work. So until effective liberal bloc is developed, just keep your kids away from them.

Meanwhile, I do have good news from the battle front. I am getting notes and letters from people around the country who have been inspired to run for their local school board. The Tea Party Shield is forming to protect American kids from goofballs in high places. We may talk a lot about cleaning house in Washington DC and that is important but the war will be won at the local level by building solid foundations like these school board positions as well as state and local elections where we will truly bring restoration to this nation.

This is Wild Bill for America continuing my quest to cure liberalism in our lifetime and God Bless America, again.

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