The “Dumb Kid Vote”

Barack Obama was put into office by a combination of failures on our part.
Three major factors in his election were:
1. The liberal vote
2. Massive voter fraud, and
3. What I call the dumb kid vote.

Others are looking into the voter fraud and hopefully will have preventive measures in place so that Obama’s ACORN and Union thugs can’t rig the elections. The liberal vote, well, they say you can’t fix stupid so we might be stuck with them.

But the Dumb Kid vote, that is something we can do something about.
Several million eager young voters rushed to the voting booths to vote for Obama, not because they were excited about partaking in our government or because they were knowledgeable about today’s issues and felt that he was the best candidate. No, they voted for Obama because filthy mouthed rap stars told them to and their liberal teachers in school held Obama up as a super star who would give them lots of free stuff!

It was John F. Kennedy who said “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Oh how the liberals have turned that around. This is now the gimme gimme gimme generation. People actually voted for Obama because they thought he was going to give them free cars and pay for their mortgage.

The dumbing down of American public school students has helped to create a large voter block for liberals. American history has been replaced with 101 reasons to hate the United States and Israel, and the Christian faith.
But things are changing. One important tactic in defeating an enemy is to cut off the enemy’s supply lines. I have a plan to cut off the liberal’s supply of dumb kids and it is already starting to take place. I want to see Tea Party and other Conservative Americans serving on every school board in America. That is where we can put a halt to a lot of the liberal lunacy. I’m already getting letters from Americans who are doing exactly that!

I want to see Tea Party Clubs in every high school in America….Where kids will learn the meaning of true Americanism. Where they can watch and discuss movies that demonstrate what American heroes have done in the past and will do again in this generation.

I want to see local law enforcement officers sponsor National Rifle Association clubs in every high school. There is a problem with gun violence in America and we need to address it. The number one promoter of gun violence in this country is Hollywood. The number one promoter of gun safety and responsibility is the National Rifle Association. Which one should have more influence on our kids?

Together we will teach American kids what it means to be an American. To bring them to the point where they will once again ask not what their country can do for them, but what they can do for their country. Once we return to that standard, we will never again have to worry about the dumb kid vote giving us another Barack Obama….or Sheila Jackson Lee…or Barney Frank, etc.

This is Wild Bill for America, cleaning up our schools to clean up our country and God Bless America, again.

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