Run Bobbie Run

As a law enforcement officer I have to ask….what the hell is happening in England?
Why is it that the officers of one of the finest police departments in the world are being chased down the streets of London by Islamic thugs, with You Tube broadcasting it to the whole world?

Well, since giving directions is part of a police officer’s duty, let me give you London Bobbies some directions….YOU ARE RUNNING THE WRONG WAY! You are supposed to go towards the criminals and they are supposed to run from you.

I will apologize in advance for my tone. England is my favorite country in the whole world to visit. The people there are like my brothers and sisters and I have been well pleased to see that Britain’s finest people are protected by some of the best police officers. That is why I’m angry. I care about what happens over there. If I saw a bunch of Muslims chasing Chinese police officers, I would be eating popcorn and laughing at them. But when it happens to my friends, that’s different.

You took an oath very similar to the one I took, an oath to uphold and enforce the law and to protect and serve the citizens of your nation. Well, your nation is under siege by Islamic radicals who have a long history of destroying nations and cultures and they have targeted you as well.

I think I know what is going on. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but I see thousands of British police officers who are desperately concerned about the Islamic threat to England. But department policies and proud traditions require you to take a benign role even as you watch obvious enemies of your nation becoming more entrenched and aggressive. Politically correct politicians and perhaps even police officials order you to demonstrate tolerance and absolute respect towards Islam in order to avoid giving offense.

So what do you do when politics prevents you from fulfilling your oath? I’ll tell you exactly what to do…..keep your oath. Any law or policy that forces you to violate your oath of trust to your citizens is no law at all. You need to arm yourselves with whatever is necessary and march right back into that neighborhood and the next one, and the next one until every inch of England and every citizen is under the protection of British law.

And, there are two other things you need to do. First speak out. I know the restrictions that are placed upon you to remain stoically silent on political matters, but the spineless politically correct politicians are selling your country down the sewers. Do it anonymously if you have to, or get a group of concerned police officers to speak out together. I guarantee you the citizens will gather to support you.

And lastly, when elections come around, the citizens need to see the names of law enforcement officers who are willing to serve in Parliament. Run for office where you can make a difference. Give the people heroes to vote for instead of typical sissy politicians. Because if England does not get serious about winning the battle against Islamic aggression, I predict that you will soon be attending the funerals of murdered police officers.

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