A Nuclear Chill in the Air

Well, the competition for the next Presidential primary is heating up and I always enjoy the lively debate as a bevy of republicans try to outdo each other to get that coveted primary nomination. Meanwhile we are all keeping our scorecards, noting the pros and cons of each candidate. Alternately cheering em or cussing them as they try to impress us.

But this time around there is one candidate that has been giving me a creepy feeling that I just can’t shake. As a law enforcement officer for 20 years, I learned that when I get that creepy feeling, something bad is shaping up.

That candidate is Ron Paul out of Texas. A few weeks ago I heard him say “we should not be in the business of ensuring the survival of any nation.” There is only one nation that is in danger of being exterminated today and that is Israel. Israel, our only ally in the Middle East and the only beacon of freedom in that entire area. It stunned me to hear an American presidential candidate propose that if Israel is wiped out, it’s none of our concern.

I had a flashback right then of the burning World Trade Center towers crushing 3000 people to death and the Muslim nations laughing and cheering and dancing in the streets. When Ron Paul said that, I could almost hear them laughing again. An American Presidential candidate essentially gave them permission to savage Israel without worrying about US intervention. Barack Obama has insulted and sabotaged relationships with our most valuable allies, especially Israel and it appears that Ron Paul has no intention of repairing that damage.

But I didn’t get the creepy feeling until I caught part of the Presidential debate. When I heard Ron Paul say “well, maybe if Iran had nuclear weapons they’d get more respect” I knew that that man has no comprehension of Islamic doctrines. Nuclear nations today possess nuclear weapons to protect themselves from aggression. Iran wants nuclear weapons so they can launch them.
I’ve been involved with anti-terrorism since 2003 and Islamic Jihad nations have announced to the world, over and over again that they intend to annihilate Israel and eventually the entire Jewish race. Iran in particular believe that their savior, their “madi” will return to establish a worldwide Islamic government when his followers create death and chaos in the world. The President of Iran Ackmy dinky jihad believes that he is the chosen one to hasten the coming of the Mahdi. A nuclear cloud over Tel Aviv might be just the ticket.

Islam is the greatest threat to America’s national security and Israel is a friend worth standing up for. The American president is the person who sets the tone for either world peace or world war. We cannot afford a president who says to the predators of the world, “hey, what you do is none of our concern.” With Ron Paul and Barack Obama clearing the way for Iran to go nuclear that is the go signal for WW4 and the second Jewish holocaust. How can any American stand by and watch the next holocaust forming and not take action? Was our WWII victory all for nothing?
I don’t believe that. I am an American and I will stand with the Jewish people just like my dad did in WWII. And I expect the American President to also carry that torch, to proudly stand against genocide and for freedom for all people.

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