“Walking Tall Again”

I have good news for conservative Americans. American Sheriffs are finally putting out of control federal agencies in their place. The United Nations and other globalists have no business snatching land away from American citizens and Federal agencies that care more about little fish and trees than about human beings have no business regulating what we can and cannot on our own property.
If Federal Agents try to raid a business or home based upon politically correct nonsense, they just might find themselves facing a Sheriff’s Department SWAT team and a trip to the county lock up.
Remember, when the states got together to set up a central federal government, they definitely did not set it up for that federal government to rule over them….absolutely not. They put that federal government on a very short leash, limiting what it could and could not do. The problem is that we allowed that federal government to slip off its leash and grow into a giant monster that allows corrupt politicians to trample all over our Constitution, destroy our economy and strangle businesses.
The Tea Party arose when Americans decided to stop this nations “suicide by political foolishness” and it has grown into the most powerful grass roots movement in our history.
Now, America’s Sheriff’s Departments are getting into the battle and telling the Federal Government to get back in its cage where it belongs. From California to Tennessee, our elected Sheriff’s are challenging Federal agents who try to enforce unconstitutional regulations in their jurisdiction. And the Supreme Court is backing them!
In the Mack/Printz case the Supreme court ruled that:
“the duly elected sheriff of a county is the highest law enforcement official within a county and has law enforcement powers EXCEEDING that of any other state OR federal official.”
Did you hear that? Your elected Sheriff has the authority to shut down the FBI, the EPA or any other government official who acts improperly in your state. Several states, including Wyoming and Montana have laws requiring federal officials to check in with the sheriff before conducting federal business with state citizens.
The Federal Government will never clean itself up. In fact, we have waited too long, hoping they would stop being corrupt. The only way to clean up American politics is for the states to do it and getting the Sheriff’s onboard is a major step towards winning that battle.
Want to stop government abuse in your county? Make sure you elect the right person to be sheriff. Tea Party members start casting about for candidates who are tough as nails, smart as a whip and knowledgeable about American history and principles. Elect those people as sheriff and you will have effectively built a legal wall around your county to protect it from unconstitutional incursions by both our federal authorities and foreign nationals who want to dominate America.
This is Wild Bill for America saying “somewhere, Buford Pusser is smiling.”

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