Public Enemy #1


We are locked in a battle for the heart and soul of America and there are many enemies trying to drag this nation down. But of all the bad guys in this nation, one group stands above all else for their ability and their willingness to harm Americans and every principle that we value.

Public enemy #1 is the left wing Media.  While we may have freedom of the press, they have essentially turned themselves into the propaganda wing of the far left extremists.  They are not much different than the government controlled Chinese media who don’t dare speak against their government.  The Chinese media betray their citizens because their government forces them to.  Our left wing media betrays us because they want to.

For example, instead of doing their duty, they totally ignored Obama’s anti-American, Communist, Islamic and criminal associations and his unbelievably subversive track record.  They simply cheered for him like they were waving pom poms and totally misled the American public into voting for the worst President in American history.  And they are unrepentant.  We can expect the same kind of destructive propaganda in the next election.

The left wing media must be defeated.  They are 100% dedicated to destroying patriotic Americans, especially if they are black, allowing Islamic terrorists full access to our cities, destroying the moral fabric of society to allow any and all perversions, and viciously attacking faith in God.

As concerned Americans band together in Tea Party groups and other patriotic organizations to try to restore honor to our country the left wing media will do its best to ruin us.  They will attack our reputation with lies and slander.  They will attempt to control what Americans think of patriotic groups and if we allow them to control our image, we will eventually lose the battle.

Remember this “If we don’t control our image, the left will control it for us and it will be ugly.”

It’s time for a nationwide tour to rouse Americans and restore the pride in this nation that inspires people to greatness.  Don’t let the loony left drag this nation down into mediocrity, or worse.  From sea to shining sea Americans need to speak out about the wonders of America.

It’s time for everyone to hear the real history of America and about all the amazing accomplishments of the United States, the greatest nation in history.

It’s time to take down public enemy #1.

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