Republicans Neutered

As America’s leading liberalologist I must report some disturbing new data. For years we have believed that neutering a politician automatically resulted in the creation of a liberal democrat.
But ever since John Boehner took office as the new speaker of the house, it appears that Republicans too can operate….without.

Big brave John stood before the cameras with his $1000 dollar suits and Hollywood makeup and spoke encouraging words about cutting the deficit and reigning in out of control spending. Americans were encouraged and thought they could see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it turned out that Mr. Boehner’s promises were about as reliable as a Jennifer Lopez marriage vow.

When it came to actually standing up for the American people the Republican Party wilted like the proverbial snowball in hell. Instead of cutting 100 billion dollars from the deficit, they made token cuts and then handed Obama the right to eliminate 95% of the cuts with the stroke of a pen…which he immediately did.

Boehner and the Republicans delivered about1% of what they had promised us and again the American people were screwed, just like they have been before, and before that, and before that on and on ad nauseum. And the never ending cloud of political gloom settled on America again.

And then came the ultimate betrayal….the Republicans, of all people, voted to raise the debt ceiling. They drilled yet another hole in the hull of the American ship of state so it would sink even faster.

It is the job of congress to act as a check and balance to the President and the President we now have is the most lawless leader this nation has ever had. That skinny little tyrant violates the law every day,…. immigration, Defense of Marriage Act, use of the military, bribery, arming the drug cartels, sending military officers to prison, prosecuting border patrol agents for doing their duty and where are the Republicans to challenge all this? They are silent and I am ashamed of them.

I’m more than ashamed, I’m fed up. I don’t know what is worse, the left flat out tell us what they are going to do. They are going to collapse the economy and turn this nation into a socialist immoral totalitarian state….and they are doing it. The Republicans tell us they are going to save the republic and restore American values and then they turn chicken and let the left get away with wrecking this country.

At this point the only effective tool we have to restore American values is for the states to stand up to the federal government and put it in its place. The Constitution guarantees the states the power to do exactly that. It is time to look to our state Governors and legislatures to stop federal corruption, because it is obvious Washington DC will never clean itself up.

One thought on “Republicans Neutered

  1. Wildbill, you are so ignorant and misinformed it’s pathetic. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Obama is NOT a communist. The communist party of th e USA doesn’t even consider him to be one of them, because he’s ironically tooo conservative for them !
    And he’s no more a muslim than the Pope .
    Get a life. And get a brain !

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