“Hollywood Smackdown”

Once again I am proud of the American people. For years we have just taken whatever the media wanted to shove down our throats.
But today, the propaganda media got a well deserved smack down by the American people.
The propaganda television show “All American Muslim” is losing its sponsors in droves because Americans are finally standing up and saying “stop lying”. We will no longer tolerate the foolishness of political correctness being shoved down our throats.

One of the businesses that pulled their support is Lowes Home Improvement Stores and I salute them for having the courage to demand truthfulness in the media.

Hollywood, living in its usual fantasy world, tried to portray Islam as being as American as apple pie…..but, as usual, Hollywood has it wrong.

In every nation where Islam has been allowed to flourish, it has destroyed the host culture and dragged the population into slavery. The Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist populations of the Middle East, Africa and Asia have been slaughtered. England, Spain, The Philippines, Norway and France are in the process of being overrun, their police unable to curb the violence.

In nations where Islam rules supreme, Sharia law is enforced by mob violence. Women are whipped into submission and children are taught to hate anyone who is not Muslim.

What is it about liberals and totalitarian politics? Why do they choose the slavery of socialism or communism or Islam over American freedoms? Gee, what could possibly go wrong there? Why is it that freedom loving Americans have to fight continually to keep freedom alive in this nation?
Islam is not compatible with American values. And politicians who go “all in” for Islam cannot be trusted.

Ted Lieu, a California Democrat (strike one and two) is doing his best Obama imitation by threatening to pass legislation to force Lowes to advertise on that TV show! Strike three Ted! This is a free nation, not a dictatorship, but being a California Democrat, I’m not surprised that you don’t know the difference.

So, today I am going to do something important in the fight for American freedoms. I am going to the local Lowes Home Improvement store and I am going to spend a couple hundred dollars on their stuff, whether I need it or not and I am going to tell the manager that I from now on, I’m going to be a regular customer of Lowes because they did the right thing.

Do you want to make a difference? Go do the same thing. Make a purchase and tell the manager why. I guarantee you that message will travel up the Lowes chain of command to the top. Please, go and do that because you know the loony lefties who watch my videos so they can throw a tantrum will go to Lowes just to do their “whah whah whah thing in the managers face and we need to defeat them soundly.

2 thoughts on ““Hollywood Smackdown”

  1. You really are pathetically ignorant about Islam and Muslims . While there ARE some dangerous Muslim fanatics, the vast majority of Muslims are NOT dangerous terrorist fanatics . Most of the Muslims in America are NOT fanatics and a threat to no one in this country. Mamy have come to America to ESCAPE Islamic tyranny .
    And remember- Christianity hasn’t always been a “religion of peace” either,. Christians have also slaughtered countless innocent people in the past 2,000 years .

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