A Reckoning

At this point in American history we need to stop the Obama assault on American prosperity, freedom and reputation. Conservatives of all colors, religions and social status need to band together into a world class team to evict every one of Obama’s attack dogs from Washington DC.

But, after the 2012 elections, there is going to be a reckoning with the Washington DC Republicans. Their spinelessness in defending America against liberalism is inexcusable.
We are locked in a battle for the heart and soul of America and they are supposed to be our representatives. But they have retreated when they should have advanced. They are silent when they should be declaring freedom, and they are guilty of stealing our children’s future through massively foolish debt.

The day after the 2012 elections, it will be time for a third major political party. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and completely unwilling to reform themselves.

It’s time for Americans to have a political party that we can trust to stand firm for America, a party that does not cower before the left wing media or before violent religions. A party that is unashamed of this nation’s Christian heritage.

That knows the difference between immigration and sedition and is willing to slam the door on foreigners who come to this country for the purpose of overthrowing our government and culture.

A party that will protect our children from perversion and propaganda in the schools;
A party that will submit to an annual audit of all congressional expenditures to eliminate fraud and theft.

It doesn’t matter what we call it…the American Party, the Tea Party, the Freedom Party….we already have a Constitution Party and their party platform is one of the best I have ever read. But they don’t have smart leadership. Instead of working to put their people into state and local legislatures so Americans can get to know them, they blow their entire budget every four years trying to put their guy into the White House. They mean well, but they are wasting money as foolishly as any Democrat.

Conservative Americans outnumber liberal Americans by a huge margin. A political party that was staunchly conservative would be a powerhouse that could restore America. It has to begin in State Legislatures and build from there. It is the state legislatures that will provide a solid foundation for a trustworthy new major political party.

So, Americans, put that on your Christmas list for 2013…..I see good things for America in the years to come.

One thought on “A Reckoning

  1. Barack Obama is America’s only hope against redneck yahoo, Bible-thumping, inbred hillbilly bigots like you, who are the REAL threat to freedom in America. You guys want to “take America back” alright- RIGHT BACK TO THE DARK AGES !

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