The Cowardly Christian’s Club

Are you a member of the cowardly Christians of America club? It has millions of members all across America. There are entire churches and denominations dedicated to being Cowardly Christians. How do you recognize Cowardly Christians? Its easy, you can identify them by their silence.

Atheists, perverts and leftists wipe their feet on the face of God and shove their anti-God anti-American garbage down the throats of American children. And the silence of the cowardly Christians says a lot.

The most anti-Christian President in history is waging open war against genuine Christian faith, American moral standards and even life itself. Congress is spending our nation to disaster. The public schools are a disgrace.

And what is the response from the Cowardly Christians of America?
Silence. They are hiding behind the church doors. And by remaining silent they are contributing to the downfall of families and society.

If the Christian church had been doing its job, politicians with the morals of Obama would have been exposed and defeated at the ballot box.
What America needs most Truthfulness and high standards would be demanded in all areas of our communities.

Yes its true that Jesus told us to be as harmless as doves and apparently some think that means being the biggest pansies they can possibly be. But our real mission is to follow the example of Christ. He was gentle and compassionate to those who were suffering. But he was tough as nails towards those who were false and sneaky and obstructed God’s will on earth. Today those people are known as liberal Democrats.

Yes, Jesus Christ was the Lamb of God…when he went to the cross….never forget that He is also the Lion of Judah. He was so ferocious that sometimes even his disciples were afraid to ask him questions.

I see people who have the courage to carry a bible into the church building….how many have the courage to carry it into the public arena and declare its principles loud and clear?

Let me give you something to think about. These are the words of Christ Himself:

“If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father’s glory”.(Mark 8:38)

Its time for one million Americans to renounce their membership in the Cowardly Christians of America Club.
A million arrogant sneering God hating liberals are waiting to hear from you. Let them have it.

15 thoughts on “The Cowardly Christian’s Club

  1. “Atheists,,perverts, and left-wingers wipe their face on God and shove their anti-god,anti-american garbage on American children “. What an asinine statement ! Kids in public schools aren’t being forced to be atheists and told they can’t be Christians . What baloney !
    They can pray all they want . But they can do this in church or at home..
    Schools are places for TEACHING, not preaching . What about all the kids from non-christian homes? Nobody has the right to force them to pray the Christian way .
    Or to sit through Bible readings .
    On the contrary, it’s a lot of right-wing Christians who want to impose Christianity on kids in school and try to force them to believe creationism, which is nothing but ancient superstition and bunk . Homosexuals are NOT perverts . They are just homosexuals, period .
    Our schools are trying to teach kids that hatred and bullying of gay kids is WRONG !
    Homosexuality is NOT an abomination . Homophobia is th ereal abomination, and ignorant bigots like you only foster it . .

    1. Robert Berger

      Demons are imaginary beings, no more real than Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy . Hell is imaginary , too, just like heaven . I don’t fear imaginary beings or places . The Bible is nothing but an ancient book of myths, legends and fairy tales the the ancient middle east , plus wildly inaccurate accounts of ancient history .
      Adam and Eve , the garden of Eden, forbidden fruit, Noah and his ark are just an ancient myth borrowed from ancient Babylonian mythology . Christianity is a 2,000 year old scan, just like Islam is a 1,400 year old scam .

      1. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the most documented facts of history.
        Your wishful thinking will not get you out of standing before God on Judgment Day where you will answer for every thought, word and deed.
        I suggest that you start reading something besides atheist literature.

      2. Robert Berger

        I’m more familiar with the Bible than many Christians, and I don’t only read atheist literature . In addition, I’ an agnostic , not an atheist . I would never believe something merely because it was written in some ancient book . This is what conservative Christians do. They blindly accept everything in the Bible, even though it’s been relentlessly edited , differently translated , wrongly translated into English from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin and so much has been selectively removed or added to it over the centuries . It’s also full of nonsense, countless contradictions, and an infinite number of absurdities . If you would REALLY study the Bible, you would finally understand it and abandon Christianity , because it’s a religion which makes absolutely no sense. Just like most other religions. I don’t believe in the Bible any more than I believe in the Koran, much of which was actually borrowed from the Bible . They’re both really interesting books, but nothing but ancient superstition .
        There are also many things in the Bible which have symbolic meaning but which Christians take literally . We don’t know exactly what these symbolic statements actually mean .

  2. Robert Berger

    The Resurrection of Jesus is not documented at all by historical fact . It is nothing but an ancient legend. Jesus, if he actually existed, which is not certain, was a normal human being born of human parents, not a “virgin ” and not the son of an imaginary Semitic sky god called Yahweh .
    In the original Hebrew , the mother of Jesus is described as an “Almah “,meaning a young woman, not necessarily a virgin .However, the term Almah was mistakenly translated into European languages such as English as “virgin “. This is only one of many, many incorrectly translated words in the English Bible .
    The New Testament was written many years after the death of Jesus , and contains statements “attributed ” to him, yet there is no proof he actually said these things, or that even if he did, that the things he said were remembered correctly and mean what Christians have been told they do . Bill, I didn’t make this up . Many Biblical scholars will tell you these things .

  3. Robert, you are simply being argumentative and rude…which has been your pattern for a long time. There is no evidence that you will accept under any circumstances.

    You intend to spew disrespect for anything I post….just….go….away.

    1. Robert Berger

      Sorry if you think I’ m being rude. This wasn’t my intention. I’m just trying to impress upon you the fact that there are millions of Americans like myself who do not believe in Christianity and don’t want it or any religion shoved down our throats . America is now the most religiously diverse nation in world history, with followers of every religion in existence , including Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists etc as well as millions of atheists and agnostics . What about THEIR rights as Americans ? There are now more atheists in America than there were people at the time of America’s founding . I’m sick and tired of the way you extremist Christians are always whining about supposedly being “persecuted” by liberals, atheists and gay people etc, which is just plain ludicrous . On the contrary , it’s extremist Christians like YOU Bill, who are determined to persecute anyone who isn’t like you, especially gay people . This must never be allowed !
      It’s Christians who are still the majority in America, but their numbers are declining steadily, and more and more of them are beginning to leave this religion because they no longer believe in it .
      And it’s Christians who still have most of the money ,power and influence in America .
      We liberals wouldn’t mind people like you Bill, being Christian, if you just kept your religion to yourselves and minded your own business . But you refuse to, and are determined to bring America ever closer to be what the founders never intended – a totalitarian Christian theocracy and police state which wouldn’t be much better than the Islamic theocracies of the middle east . Of course, most of the Christians in America aren’t as extreme as people like you, and we secular liberals have no problem with them . We aren’t anti-christian – we’re anti-theocracy , or anything that brings America closer to it .

  4. You don’t want to hear about Christianity, yet you troll my pages to insult and harass us….all the while accusing us of forcing our beliefs on people.

    I visited your FB page and it appears that your mission in life is to “piss off” conservatives and Christians.

    Why do you insist on persecuting men and women who follow the Lord Jesus Christ?
    I challenge you to provide one example of Christians “shoving” Christianity down your throat……chances are you just get pissed off knowing that there are faithful men and women who dare to voice an opinion different than yours…and you go out to hunt them down………THAT is shoving your beliefs down our throats.

    1. Robert Berger

      I’ve never “persecuted ” Christians or anyone . There are countless examples of extremist Christians in America trying to trying to shove their religion down the throats of others – trying to proselytize youngsters in public schools who are not Christian, trying to force Christian prayer and Bible reading on them, spreading all manner of vile lies and misinformation about gay people, trying to deny them rights , advocating government punishment of people who are gay , I could go on and on . As I said, I have no problems with Christians who mind their own business and keep their religion themselves . I have many Christian friends myself even though I’m a non-observant, secular, agnostic Jew . I’m not “shoving” my beliefs down anyone’s throat . I just want to disagree with extreme Christians and give them apiece of my mind. I’m not telling you you or anyone else you can’t be a Christian .

      1. You don’t think American students have the right to know about the Christian foundations of their nation? How about giving them the whole truth and letting them decide if they want to be Christians or not….instead of men like you demanding that they never be allowed to hear the gospel message.
        And as for your homosexual demands…..homosexuality destroys every life it touches both now and in eternity.
        Why is it that men like you have no problem encouraging children to engage in sexual practices that includes the ingestion of feces and all the medical problems that causes…..not to mention depression, suicide, AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis….rectal cancer…on and on and on….
        But you howl like spanked monkeys at anyone who encourages children to practice good moral standards?

      2. Robert Berger

        Homosexuality is NOT contagious . You can’t “make” children gay by teaching them that bigotry against gay people is wrong . Hardly any gay men ingest feces , and this claim that they regularly do is a blatant lie . Homosexuality does not cause depression . The terrible way gay people are treated by society causes this, and there are countless gay men in their 80s and 90s who are in good health . Parents who are Christian are supposed to teach their children about Christianity, not public schools .
        Since we have so many young people in our schools who are not Christian, how dare anyone demand that schools try to indoctrinate them with Christianity ? I don’t “encourage” anyone to be gay, and I’m a heterosexual myself . Being gay is no more a “choice” than being left-handed .
        I’m a southpaw. Did I choose to be one.? Well neither do gay people. Bill, you’ve been indoctrinated yourself with a lot of misinformation and disinformation about homosexuality .
        Do you really want public schools to indoctrinate kids with hostility to gay people ? Is this even moral? And will it stop kids from being gay ? NO! If you’re gay , nothing can stop you from being gay, and if you’re straight, nothing can make you gay . Gay people are routinely the victims of hate and violence in America, and some have been brutally murdered – just for being gay .
        Gay kids are routinely bullied and harassed . This is what causes gay suicide- not being gay .
        But Christian kids are taught from childhood to hate and demonize gay people by parents and preachers . Public schools are trying to undo the enormous damaged caused by this brainwashing . And there is no such thing as an “ex gay “. All so-called ex gays have been brainwashed by fraudulent “therapy “. They always revert . Saying that being around gay people will make you gay is a ridiculous as saying that spending time with talk people will make you tall .

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