The Bumper Sticker

As a conservative Christian Tea Party American, compassion is my middle name.
We conservatives are always on the lookout for ways to serve our fellow man and the other day I thought I saw a chance to really help a lady.

It appeared that some jerk had vandalized her car by slapping an Obama2012 bumper sticker on it. Well, I didn’t want this poor woman to drive around looking stupid so I waited for her to park. She was trying to parallel park and it wasn’t going well. She went back and forth, in and out, trying different angles and she got so angry and frustrated that she began cursing the parking space. It was the parking spaces fault that her plan wasn’t working. Well, it was obvious that her car was too big for the space but that didn’t stop her, she was going to force her plan whether it was working or not.

There was obviously something wrong with that lady and then it hit me.
The Obama sticker was hers. She had done that to her own car. I had a flashback of Allen West saying that people with Obama 2012 stickers were a threat to the gene pool.

Just watching her try to park a car demonstrated that she was an Obama disciple. First of all, it was a bad plan from the beginning. Even a beginner could see that it wasn’t going to work. But just like Obama, she wasn’t about to admit that her plan was foolish and the more it failed, the harder she tried and the worse things got. Straight out of the Obama play book.

Of course it didn’t help that she blamed the parking spot rather than her own poor planning and lack of ability, yet more Obama traits.
The only good thing about the situation was that she was white so she couldn’t accuse the parking space of being racist. She wasn’t a very good liberal or she would have found a way to get the race card in there somehow.

Anyway, I was pleased that another Obama disciple demonstrated to the American public just how unsuited they are to life in a free nation. If she was living in a liberal utopia she would no doubt be a high ranking government bureaucrat. Probably the head of the Federal Department of Car Parking. Why not? She certainly fits Obama’s standards for qualification, kinda like Janet Napolitano or Elena Kagan.

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