Grinding Up The Little Boys

One of the major factors in the downfall of the United States is the destruction of American manhood.  Manhood, the art of being a man, is something that is traditionally passed from fathers to sons and from the community to the boys.

There are rules that a man is expected to follow in a manly society- Never hit a girl, never lie, cheat or steal, always be brave but not stupid, never cry when you skin your knees. Always stand for what’s right, even if you stand alone.  And first and foremost, American men are expected to have a deep respect for and allegiance to God and Country, in that order.

Manhood in America is in danger of extinction within a generation and if manhood dies, the American dream will die with it.  So, what do we do?  Well, the remaining real men of America better sound battle stations and take on the people who are destroying manhood in our young people.

I believe the number one culprits are the people occupying America’s public schools.  These vitally important institutions have been infested with hardcore feminists. Seventy percent of teachers are female and the few men in the public schools are mostly administrators who were chosen and hired by the feminists, what does that tell you about them?

Psychologist Enrico Gnaulati makes the case that feminist teachers in the public schools are making school a living hell for little boys.  They have declared normal boyish behaviors like rough housing to be psychiatric personality “disorders”.  they are drugging these boys and forcing them to behave like little girls.  This results in boys hating school and doing poorly, in spite of high IQs.

Want to create a sociopath?  Take a little boy, drug him up, suppress all of his natural instincts and then humiliate him with years of psychobabble!  And then, when a kid snaps and goes on a shooting rampage, blame the NRA.  Get the goofy feminists away from our sons!  America’s boys need men who will let boys be boys.  Not women who want all children to be girls.

Males tend to choose freedom over security, women choose security over freedom. This has led to some serious implications for American freedoms as our government steadily loses its testosterone level.

If we are serious about defending American freedom, we must insist on the establishment of boys schools, taught by men who understand that boyhood is not a disease to be cured.  And we need to stomp out the feminist nastiness that portrays men on television as dolts and pigs.

And here is a Wild Bill Bullet of Truth for the feminists.  Manhood is not a disease to be cured, it is the defender of American freedom and righteousness and it is going to rise up to defeat the real sickness in America….you.

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