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I watched Jurassic World last night, a movie about a beautiful tropical theme park of dinosaurs.  Men, women and children eating popcorn and having fun.  But, you won’t believe what happened!  The dinosaurs got loose and started eating people.  Gee, who could have seen that coming?

Fun and games quickly turned to running, screaming, blood and guts!  Absolute disaster for the everyday people who trusted the park administrators to keep them safe.  The people running the park had complete confidence that they could control the dinosaurs and profit from them.  Big mistake.

Today, I watched hundreds of thousands of Muslims overrunning the European nations.  Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, apparently announced that her country will take anyone who claims to be a refugee.  Well, guess what?  ISIS and other terrorists suddenly became “refugees” and are now marching, unchecked through Europe.  Intelligence sources say that Muslims have been stockpiling weapons in Mosques and now jihad terrorists have arrived in force.

Apparently, government officials think they can control these Muslims much like the Jurassic World people thought they could control the dinosaurs.  There is little doubt that the Muslim terrorists are going to go on a bloody rampage that will make the dinosaurs look like hamsters.

Are the European governments suicidal or just stupid?  Islam has made no secret of the fact that the total destruction of European and American lifestyles is their top priority!  They have been telling us for years that they are going to attack us and destroy our culture, our religion and our entire way of life!  They have taken a sacred vow to assassinate, murder, execute anyone who does not bow down to Islam!

So golly gee whiz, what harm could possibly come from flinging open the door and welcoming hundreds of thousands of Muslims to stream into our nations?

Allowing this unmitigated invasion of Middle East Muslims is without doubt the stupidest thing a government can do.  The everyday people trust their government to keep them safe from the monsters and politically correct politicians are serving up their own people as lunch to the most bloodthirsty monsters on earth.

There is no excuse for such outrageous behavior from elected officials.  Someone on the Internet quipped that the name Angela Merkel will go down in German history as the only person more hated than Adolph Hitler.  Hitler very nearly destroyed Germany, it appears that Angela Merkel might succeed.

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