Going Outlaw!

The time has come for Christians to hit the outlaw trail!

The laws of the USA have become so corrupt and sinful that Christians can no longer obey our own civil authorities.  The final straw was the disgraceful decision by the Supreme Court to ram homosexual marriage down the throats of an unwilling nation!  Now homosexuals are actively targeting Christian businesses to challenge their faithfulness to God.  The homosexuals demand that the Christians honor their blasphemous lifestyle and when the Christians stand firm in their obedience to God, lawsuits are launched to haul the believers before the courts.

Corrupt courts are violating the 8th Amendment prohibition against excessive fines by fining Christians hundreds of thousands of dollars simply for exercising their religion as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

The war on Christians has risen to a whole new level.  The enemies of faith smell blood and are determined to do everything in their power to finally break the influence of the traditional Christian faith of America.

In the new Obama America, sexual perversion trumps the 1st Amendment guarantee of freedom of Religion and freedom of speech.  The constitution has been shredded by those who swore an oath to uphold and defend it.  These are truly shameful days for the USA.

So what are the men and women of faith to do in such shameful times?  That’s easy…..we keep on keeping on!  Jesus and his followers were considered outlaws by the authorities of that day.  The apostles  were commanded by the civil authorities to stop preaching the name of Jesus but the apostles never even slowed down.  When challenged again by the authorities, the apostles told them flat out that they intend to obey God rather than man.  And the apostles kept that vow even when it meant their lives.

From day one true followers of Jesus Christ have been considered outlaws by a world at war with God so today, I am announcing the launch of “The Outlaws Chapel”, an internet community for today’s Outlaws for God.  Our motto:

When The Laws of Men Violate The Laws of God, Our Duty is Clear…We Must Obey God Rather Than Men!

The Outlaws Chapel will soon be online at http://www.outlawschapel.com

Watch for hard hitting videos as we hit back hard in the name of God against evil agendas.


5 thoughts on “Going Outlaw!

  1. William H. Barlow

    Count me in I’m with you Wild Bills I declare today I am an outlaw and I will obey the Word of God over the world of men

  2. Mike Le Master

    Well I believe that with the forming the Outlaw web site is a good thing and Christians standing up for there rights is what is needed and I hope and pray those who control this crud understand a lot of us Christians are not going to turn the other cheek either, it is time to stand strong and do what must be done when it needs to be done no matter what the cost or we might as well give in now and just say nuts.

  3. Rick Schmoe

    Jesus told us if we didn’t own a sword to sell our cloak and buy one. I don’t think Christ wants us to always turn the other cheek.

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