Sugar Water Churches

“When The Laws of Men Violate The Laws of God, Our Duty is Clear,
We Must Obey God Rather Than Men”

What has happened to the Christian Church in America?  The church is supposed to be the conscience of America.  The Christian/Judeo values upon which this nation was founded were deliberately infused into American culture and for two hundred years American children grew up with bible stories in school and at home.

In early America, even the most heathen of people knew the Ten Commandments.  Politicians knew that if they got caught in a lie or a dirty deal that they would be called out from the pulpits and the people listened to the pastors!  I think we could use a little bit of that today……don’t you?

The USA has taken a hard left turn off the “One Nation Under God” highway and the nation is falling apart because of it.  American churches have retreated from the culture and formed their clics behind closed doors.  Few pastors today have the fortitude to preach boldly on the issues of the day.  While homosexuals are targeting American children and government officials are encouraging it, the pastors are carefully keeping their noses buried in their bibles, preaching messages that are carefully crafted to not offend the sex monsters of America.

The most violent false religion on earth is burning and decapitating Christians to oblivion in Middle Eastern nations and they are streaming into the USA where they will do what they always do.   And the American church is silent.

The shameful silence of the Christian church is one of the major reasons these blasphemous movements are taking power.  American churches have become “sugar water churches”, all sweetness and smiles so as to never offend anybody.  Well, sugar water is not good medicine and has no nutritional value.  No wonder the USA is sick….morally….ethically….spiritually…..politically.

Many think American pastors are afraid to take a stand because they fear losing their tax exempt status.  But the sad truth is that American pastors are more afraid of their congregations than they are of the IRS.  They fear that if they take a strong biblical stand on the issues, that many would leave the church.

I say let them leave!  Their influence has been poisoning the conscience of America for far too long!  A church will never be strong as long as it panders to ungodliness.

Its time for the Christian churches of America to rediscover their courage and their place in American culture.  It is time for men and women of faith to rise up with scriptures in hand to say “NO MORE”.

If the Christian churches wont stand against homosexual predators who will?  The only way to deal with a brutally violent false religion is through the One True God and government officials can’t do it.  We are a nation under God and its time to start acting like it again.

The Outlaws Chapel will soon be up and running and will be a place for men and women of faith to come together to stand strong, even when our own government doesn’t like it.  Our motto:

“When The Laws of Men Violate The Laws of God, Our Duty is Clear,
We Must Obey God Rather Than Men”



5 thoughts on “Sugar Water Churches

  1. Kirsten Sebright

    I Stand in full agreement with this, we have taken God out of everything. These tickle me behind the ears Preachers need to get a backbone, the world is going to Hell not fast but in a hurry we need to turn back to God….This is my Prayer that many eyes and ears and hearts to be open, and hear and see God and accept him into their hearts Amen!

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