FEDS and RANCHERS and LIARS, oh my


Well my friends, it appears we have yet another Ruby Ridge style tragedy where the FBI gunned down an American who dared to stand boldly against government abuses.

There is bound to be a whole lot of BS flying from both sides, there always is.  The FBI says three shots were fired, one of the eye witnesses says over a hundred shots were fired as they hunkered down in their vehicle.

Easy as pie to prove who is telling the truth….release photos of the vehicle the dead man was driving.

I have been searching the net for photos, but there seems to be none.  Interesting.

As a twenty year law enforcement veteran I have some concerns about how this whole situation was handled from the beginning.  First of all, why was the FBI involved in the first place?  Bank Robbery, terrorism and serious federal felonies are their main focus.
How does a handful of ranchers peacefully occupying an unused building on public land warrant a massive FBI presence?

During my time as a cop, I came to have a deep respect for all law enforcement agencies…..except for the FBI.  I found FBI agents to be untrustworthy, deceptive and supremely arrogant.

The FBI is known in law enforcement circles as the most political of all law enforcement agencies.  Whoever is in the White House, that’s who’s butt the FBI kisses.  They fall all over themselves to ingratiate themselves to the president.  And when I think about the moral and ethical standards of Barack Obama, not to mention his disdain for the Constitution, I have serious concerns about FBI agents acting properly under his command.

If any federal agency should have been involved, it should have been the U.S. Marshals who have full law enforcement authority in any state.

Here is another question that should have been considered by the cops.  What would have happened if the cops had simply gone home?  What if they had simply left the ranchers to occupy that building?

And I would also like to know what consideration was given to the legitimate complaints that triggered this incident.

Meanwhile, lets keep pushing for photos of the vehicle to be released.  The FBI could post those pictures immediately….unless of course…..they have something to hide.

46 thoughts on “FEDS and RANCHERS and LIARS, oh my

  1. The vehicle is insured – and the insurance company of the person holding the insurance on it, now has the right to that vehicle, don’t they? Seized or not, doesn’t insurance play a part in this vehicles life and death? Insurance company has to have pictures of it, right? And now that it’s been destroyed, I’d say the insured has a claim to submit. Push for photos that way!!!

  2. Here is a reliable source for you. If those great professional HRT Teams with all the help from state and local authorities . With all there tactical firepower and pprotective gear can’t take down a 50+ year old geezer with a holstered hand. Gun. ( still holstered when deceased ) without a shot being fired. It was an assassination.
    1 old man in a coat against all that. Dead because he went for a hand gun Really!!!
    In Afghanistan and Iraq the HRT have to call for permission to shoot or not fire until fired upon.
    Hmmmmm. Sounds like a predetermined decision was made.

  3. Edward C Hass @ Village 5

    Rumor or Truth
    Is it true that the person killed Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum was at one time a recognized member of the Branch Dividians ?

  4. I completely agree with your analysis of the FBI. I worked in corrections for 15 years and when our facilities had to deal with this agency it was down-right frightening at times! They deal with common citizens, trying to get someone to listen to their grievances, in an overly harsh manner and then silence any witnesses to abusive situations. It’s frightening to watch this happening in America, you have no right to voice an opinion unless, of course, you’re in agreement with the current (evil) administration! Keep up the good work, Bill! and FBI — RELEASE THE PHOTOS so the public will know how you handled this horrible situation perpetrated on American citizens!!!

  5. Jim Taylor

    The FBI has served a political master since it’s inception.Nothing has changed.The DOJ, FBI, DEA and all those initial agencies need to be separated from the will and whim of whatever administration is in office. Their charter should be to serve the people and country without consideration for politics or politicians, and any interference or coercion. Until that day, we will continue to see events such as Oglala (Leonard Peltier), Ruby Ridge (Weaver family) this incident and many others that don’t get the attention, but still occur.The agencies should not serve as the POTUS’ private army or hit squad.Congress must demand a separation or construct a law that creates a separation of law enforcement and administration.

  6. gigiregnier

    Troll alert, from Dakota, pfftt! Why is the airspace over that area blocked as of yesterday after the shooting? Where is the vehicle? Let’s see the body before they hide it too!

  7. A Patriot

    Kerrie Alvarez is right. Basically, the federal government is in a major land grab, looking to take the mineral rights. The Hammond’s ranch is rich in minerals and precious metals, including uranium. Hillary Clinton’s corporation is in bed with the Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation, named Rosatom, in Russia. Rosatom acquired a Canadian Company in order to gain access to U.S mineral rights. Rosatom is the second biggest holder of uranium reserves, and didn’t get that way by being nice guys.
    Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation, were major players in getting the door opened for the Russians to get access, through this Canadian company with a few Canadian elite, as well. The Canadian backed contrbutions are used as a cover for the Clinton Foundation. Clinton is responsible for the selling of one fifth of the US uranium reserves to the Russians. That is why you had such a heavy FBI response. This is not about a ranch and cattle, its not about an empty reserve in Oregon. It is about a government using Nazi tactics against it’s own people. This is one big reason the government is working so hard to take away second amendment rights. The second amendment was specifically set up by our brilliant forefathers, just for this reason. So that armed Americans can stand up against a tyrannical government, which uses jack booted thugs to shoot down it’s own people.

    1. Bea

      OOHHH I am sooooo happy someone has finally researched this subject!!! How can we get the American people to understand what our government is doing to us!??! I have been researching this also, and it makes me sooo angry that EVERYONE is not researching it. WE need to ALL stand together as American citizens against our government and say enough is enough!!! and these people (Bundys, Hammonds) have been fighting this fight for years with NOBODY listening

  8. M. Lewellen

    It was never “peaceful” for Harney County and the town of Burns! They were asked to leave several times by the townspeople. If Harney County wants to protest and fight, let them, but don’t move in to a town that never asked for you to make friction in their town and expect to be taken lightly. Fight your own battles unless you are asked to fight for someone else!!!

  9. James

    Hey genius the Federal government has no authority or constitutional right to own any land other then the 10 sq. Miles of DC and forts and ports. That makes the land state or county land legally being defended and protected from the Federal government who is illegally occupying land.

    That said the man was unarmed his weapons where left at the refuge. If you watch the video released by the FBI he clearly has his hands up when they shot him in abdominal area then he grabs and covers wound when they shoot him several more times. If you look at the truck there is more then 3 bullets just in the windshield alone so the fed claim of only 3/shots fired is bogus.

  10. Reblogged this on Sallys Political Page and commented:
    Stand up for, We the People, NOT them the government!! SHAMEFUL! Communist BASTARDS!! Vote ‪#‎TRUMP‬ to take back our country!! EVICT THE TERRORIST USURPER OUT OF OUR W.H., THAT ALLOWS ALL THIS EVIL AND DOES NOTHING TO TRY AND STOP IT!

  11. Jon Menough

    This was planned. The group (Bundy’s) was having an impact on us folks in the west. The meeting they were traveling to was packed with people wanting to hear them. The PTB couldn’t allow that to happen. And the Sheriff where John Day was complicit in setting it all up (unfortunately not surprising – he was photographed at the road block). He had helped Bundy set up the meeting. Bottom line, the Feds cannot allow us peons to rid ourselves of their shackles. Unfortunately, for them, the Constitution is not even a ‘guidance document’. I wonder how they look at themselves in the mirror when they swore an oath to defend it.

    1. Janice Seigler

      They can’t see their own faces in the mirror because they are faceless and only represent the one that controls them.

  12. After watching this video about 10 times now….. I NOW FOR A FACT !!! They Shot Him With His Hands In The Air …FACT !!!! watch it close !!!… The Agent On His Right Shot him in the hip.(You can see his shoulder kick from the shot)…..He grabbed his hip but still tried to keep his right hand up …. . and then the one on his left shot him in the chest !!! ……. This Was Pay back for when they couldn’t shoot anyone at Buddy Ranch !!! …… ASSHOLES !!!

  13. Clyde

    Another thing that really bothers me is the fact that they were on their way to meet with law enforcement for talks anyway which showed an effort on the part of the patriots from the start. So why was there any need to stop them in the first place? You don’t stab a man in the back when he’s making an honest effort to meet you halfway to work on a resolution to the problem period.

  14. Patricia

    It sure looks to me like right after they murdered him the 3 fbi men who you can see are aiming at the car, stopped to reload! Also the fbi guy who was kneeling down and close to the car got up and ran over in between the other cars was reloading. .. can someone watch it again and let me know what you think!
    They are going to try and cover this whole thing up! SHOW US THE CAR!

  15. Murderers! His hands were up, I watched the uncut, unedited video! Don’t trust anyone out of D.C.! He was a gentle man trying to help local folks! He was betrayed! Clear ALL government employees out of D.C.! Especially the Whitehouse! They are supposed to serve and work FOR Thr People, not murder whomever gets in their way! KARMA will find all of you, eventually!!

  16. Ron Godfrey

    LaVoy had hands up trying to make his way through the snow. FBI idiot sneaks up from behind and blows LaVoy away. Pretty clear to me. Cold Blood Murder. The FBI idiots need to be charged with Cold Blood Murder, what part don’t folks get?

  17. They cleared the press. A press that is decidedly friendly to the current administration. They said it was for their safety. Really? The press was swarming all over the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, they have been embedded with our troops. It is their job to go into unsafe situations where the truth is important, to provide a relatively unbiased account of what happened. But they were cleared. That says that the only story that will come out of this is one that has been concocted and vetted.

    They shut down a 60 square mile area around the town, restricting the freedom of movement of the citizens. That’s not consistent with the underlying philosophies or the constitution of this nation.

    Why would I trust anything coming from that agency? This was not a hostage situation – it was a group of protesters with a legitimate constitutional grievance. Was the FBI called in to clear the occupy Wall Street nutjobs? No and there were assaults and rapes in those protests. What makes this different? Perhaps the presence of a legitimate constitutional question.

  18. Robin

    The Fact is that federal government only has port and district of Columbia rights. 10 miles around Washington DC. District of Columbia…

    The territory in the West belong to the States and The People.

    This Nation will be reborn by The Patriot. They are.. We are waking up to our God given rights.

  19. Wild Bill, I have followed you for some time. I have also been doing much research, trying to find out how this country got to where it is today. I would like to point some things out here, based on my research. 1. The Constitution is no longer in play! The “Representative Republic” was lost when states seceded from the union. There was no longer a quorum to do business. Lincoln basically changed the government of the United States then, so that everything is now done by “executive order”. 2. Reconstruction cemented that the “states” are now subservient to the federal government. 3. Lincoln, and also Kennedy were killed, not because they wanted to print debt free money, but because they wanted to reinstate the “representative republic”. 4.The president is selected as a front man for the controlling interests. 5. the house of representatives and the senate, are now only high paid actors, with great bonuses, to provide the illusion that we are still a representative republic. 6. The oath of office is only lip service to preserve and protect a piece of paper, not an oath to govern from within the limits set forth by it. 7. All the A.B.C. agencies and military are “executive” agencies, not answerable to the people. Why do you think that congress always caves in to the president? They have no choice, for they are there for show only. The silent takeover that Stalin told us would happen was already in the works, when he said it. Impeachment of a “president” will never happen, because employees cannot fire the boss. They have slowly been bringing this all to the front for years and everyone hopes the next “selected” government will change it, won’t happen!

  20. steveprr

    the big thing I see here is if they wanted to arrest these folk they could have at many point through out this whole thing .They talked face to face many times out at the refuge and they came into town for supplies. I believe they had information that our Feds did not want to get out and was in fact stopped by lethal means

  21. Tom

    You say you are an ex-cop but yet you failed to realize this was not on “public” property as you called it….it was on Federal property….hence why it falls into the FBI’s jurisdiction. Plus in the video, he CLEARLY opened his jacket and reached for his open-carry handgun which he CLEARLY had attached to his person…. So tell me Mr. Ex Law enforcement…what world is it that you live in where cops wouldn’t shoot someone reaching toward a gun? Because it is apparently not the real world….

  22. Dennis Taylor

    Bill, the “three shots fired” thing doesn’t stand up just by watching the FBI video of the incident. There were at least two shots fired at Lavoy and you can see at least three more being fired into the truck.

  23. For folks who personally know people in the area: is it possible to mount a watch on the impound lot where LaVoy’s truck is being held? Camera from across the street, or something? I wouldn’t be surprised by FBI releasing those pictures….after they have body work done

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