Defeating the Never Trumpers


Defeating Hillary Clinton and stopping the Democrat’s war on American morals and freedom is the top priority for all patriotic Americans!  Well, at least it should be.  There appear to be some who are hell bent on sabotaging Donald Trump”s campaign to win the White House.

It grieves me to say that some of these “never Trumpers” are people who call themselves conservative patriots.  These never Trump “trolls” are on a rampage, putting up poisonous posts on conservative sites all over the net in their attempt to destroy Trump’s chances of winning.

The problem is…..Trump is the ONLY person in position to stop Hillary.  So every person who is part of the never Trump rampage is helping Hillary win.

So, how do we stop the never Trump trolls?
Easy, their only power is their never ending stream of poisonous posts that they put on pro Trump sites.  We can silence the never Trump trolls by actively blocking them, banning them and deleting every post they put up.

Block Them, Ban Them and Delete Their Posts!

If people cannot see them or their posts, the never Trump fanatics lose their power to sabotage the battle to stop Hillary.

I have been dealing with the Never Trump trolls and it is clear that they are not interested in honest debate.  They are determined to simply cause harm and create chaos.
But Bill, they will whine, what about freedom of speech?  What about the First Amendment?
Nobody supports the First Amendment more than I do, but when you come onto my Internet pages, uninvited, to insult me and my friends, you lose your right to post on my pages.
I do not let people come in my house and  pee in my living room.  The Never Trump Trolls are not going to march into my computer spaces and spew their grossly exaggerated propaganda intending to hand this nation over to the hounds of hell.

The never Trump movement itself is funded and powered by the George Soros left.  I recognize their tactics, having dealt with them for years on my Wild Bill for America site.  They are absolutely sold out to evil and the destruction of American principles, values and way of life.  They hate the Christian foundations of America more than anything else and are determined to extinguish all traces of Christianity in America.

It is truly sad that men and women who have been solid conservatives have joined the George Soros left in this all out effort to destroy Donald Trump and to install Hillary Clinton as president.  But if our friends choose to join with the enemy just when America needs them most, then I say treat them like the enemy.

We must nullify the power of the never Trump trolls.
If people cannot see their posts, they will have no power.
So, come on keyboard warriors!  You now have a mission!  Something you can do to help save America!

Block Them, Ban Them and Delete Their Posts.