Preparing for Hillary


Mrs Rodriguez wrote me a note asking advice on how she and her family should prepare for a Hillary regime.  They are living in Rhode Island and are right in the middle of a liberal nightmare.

While my personal belief is that Mr. Trump will in the presidency by a large margin, it is always possible that the Democrats will lie, cheat and steal enough to get Hillary enough electoral votes where she can claim victory.  This is a frightening situation.  The Democrats have finally pushed this nation so far to the left that Hillary may have the opportunity to instigate the classic totalitarian collapse of our system.

Historically, the left have used mass chaos to force their totalitarian systems of government upon free people.  Cuba and Venezuela are good examples.  The USA is now poised to see mass chaos thanks to the despicable maneuverings of the Democrats.    The thugs of the Democrat party are standing by just like Hitler’s brown shirts in 1939.
Hillary’s brown shirts are the Black Lives Matters group, the New Black Panthers, militant homosexual groups, the SEIU union thugs and a substantial number of left wing college student groups.

What is really frightening is the one million plus Muslims that have streamed into this nation recently from the Middle East.  Barack Obama flung open the doors and told them to come and you can bet the terrorist organizations took full advantage of that suicidally stupid political stunt.  There is no way of knowing how many “death to America” terrorists are now in our country.  It is going to get ugly.

Fortunately, the USA is large enough that the leftist chaos will be largely limited to major urban areas and surrounding areas.  I cannot emphasize this enough……get out of the Democrat controlled big cities!  They have never been good places for your family and when the left launch their storm of chaos to collapse our American system, the Democrat controlled areas will be like war zones.

Most people cannot afford more than one home and many are not able to move to a new location.  To those people, I suggest that you get a trailer that you can load up your family in and drive a few hundred miles to a place where you can escape the roving hordes.
When I was on the mission field, I lived for three years in a fifth wheel trailer and thorougly enjoyed it.
Start now exploring potential camping spots along streams and rivers that would provide water for bathing, cooking and washing.

If you choose to stay home and “hunker down in place” then you will need to start preparing to endure what may turn out to be a long seige.
The worst case scenario is where electricity is cut off from major cities.  Once the electricity is out, the pressure in city water systems will quickly diminish and people will have no drinking water.
The stores will empty of goods in a matter of days and then it will become the survival of the meanest.  This is why I believe the best plan for city dwellers is to get out of the major cities if at all possible.

Here is my list of critical needs if “Hurricane Hillary” tries to decimate America.
1. Trusted Friends
2. Food, Water and Shelter
3. Communications
4. Security
5. Bartering Supplies

Trusted friends will be more valuable than gold.  Start now to build a list of your most trusted people and talk to them about mutual assistance should the left launch their storm of chaos.

Do what you can to ensure that your group of friends possess the knowledge and skills to make life easier for all.  I firmly believe that a good Bible teacher/pastor will be essential to maintaining morale and giving hope to all who are displaced.
Medical skills will always be in demand in emergency situations.  Get training or find friends who are skilled in these areas.

Support Your Local Sheriff
Don’t neglect to build friendships with your local elected Sheriff.
The Sheriff has full authority to order unlawful government agents out of his/her county and to stop illegal seizures of your property. Support the Sheriff’s Department and do all you can to see that they have the manpower and equipment to stand firm against illegal government encroachment and any rioters/looters.

Young and or Strong
In a survival situation, expect some hard work.  Hauling water, hunting, fishing, gathering, digging and tending a garden, building shelters, fending off people who want to take what you have.
Start getting in shape NOW…..walk, run, hit the gym, get a bike and use it.

Food, Water and Shelter
These will be your most critical needs.  Begin educating yourself now!
People can grow an amazing amount of vegetables in their own back yard.  One of the prepper TV shows had a family in downtown Los Angeles that had built pallet gardens in their back yard.  Apparently they were growing so much food that they were giving it away to their neighbors  That is encouraging.

Clean drinking water is priority number one with me.  Dirty drinking water is the number one killer around the world.  Installing a hand pump well at your house is one of the smartest things you can do and it might save a lot of people from suffering and possibly death.
Ground water and river water cannot be trusted so you must be prepared to boil it or purify it prior to letting your family drink it.    Put some serious thought into how you can provide a large amount of drinking water for your family and friends.
Rain water is usually drinkable without purification.  God has set up a marvelous system with the water cycle.

Don’t expect to rely on cell phone or internet.  Citizen’s Band radio or Ham radios will be your best bet to keep in touch with friends and to get the latest news (and gossip…unavoidable).
I also suggest that you invest in some solar panel set ups to keep your stuff charged.  Batteries only last so long and in a crisis may not be available.

In a chaos situation, you may have to fight….get used to that right now.
Predators will come in many forms.  Some may be neighbors who failed to prepare and are now desperate to find food and water for their kids.  Others will not be so innocent.  Many will simply be looking for loot they can use to their advantage.
And lets not forget the criminal gangs the Democrats have been cultivating for years.  They will be looking to rape, kill and rob.
Firearms will be mandatory.  Every adult should have a handgun that is carried at all times and your camp/home/trailer should have one or more long guns (rifle or shotgun) that is out of sight but easily accessible.
And don’t be too quick to shoot.  Sometimes violence begats violence and the last thing you need is someone bent on revenge and planning to put a bullet in you when you are not expecting it.  The Bible says to be at peace with all men as much as it is up to you…..good words of wisdom.  Stand firm, but only use serious force if you have no choice.
Non leathal weapons should also be available.  Sticks, baseball bats, pepper spray, etc.  Not every situation will be a shooting situation.

Set up a system to keep people from approaching your living area.  If they want to talk, they can stand outside a barrier to communicate.  There is no reason to let a potential enemy get into the middle of your family.  Keep your distance from strangers and be prepared to defend your territory.

Bartering Goods
Trading might just be the only way of obtaining goods in a world of chaos, so put some thought into what you can provide for others.
Over the counter medicines will be extremely valuable and probably the “essentials” we tend to take for granted today, toilet paper, toothpaste/toothbrush, soap etc.  So stock up on analgesics, Benadryl, topical antibiotics, anti inflammatories, bandages and so on.

Another high demand good might be the little one serving liquor bottles.  Keep a supply on hand as a “luxury” item.

Grow as much food as you possibly can and if you have a hand pump well, guard it well, clean water might actually be useful as a bartering tool.
For long term barter stuff, you might consider keeping bees for honey and making jerkey or dried fruits and vegetables that can be carried for long periods.

Above all, cultivate and maintain a postive, encouraging attitude.  Such things are contagious.  Arrange for regular worship and Bible study and find someone who has a working knowledge of the scriptures who will be available for prayer and counseling.  If Hillary Clinton gets into the White House, it will be a rough time for people of faith.

I see and hear a lot of worried people out there, taking a few simple steps to prepare can go a long way towards relieving anxieties and getting prepared can actually become some fun hobbies.  Start now….to prepare… become educated and well equipped.  Preparing for tough times in never a wasted effort.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for Hillary

  1. Robert Rupe

    Good advice, especially about water and location selection. I have a small Island picked out in a lake about 1 hour south of where my wife and I live. It is my experience that a large portion of the people we will have to defend ourselves against, can not swim.

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