The “Behind Bars” Collection


All I want for Christmas is Donald Trump in the White House and a copy of Hillary Clinton’s booking photo.
We  could probably sell enough of Hillary’s mug shot to pay down the national debt.
Which would probably be the only good think Hillary Clinton has ever done for the USA.

I’m pretty sure Mr. Putin would buy one.  I know Mr. Netanyahu would buy one.

In fact, Hillary Clinton’s booking photo would be so popular, we could offer it as the first in a collection.  The “Behind Bars” mug shot collection with Hillary as #1.  Of course that would have to be followed by Barack Obama’s booking photo.  Which one would be the most popular among collectors, I don’t know.  They are both pretty well hated to the max.

We could even offer baseball size trading cards with the stats for each corrupt bureaucrat on the back.  Hillary’s would include conspiring with terrorists, treason, money laundering, dereliction of duty, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, bribery, racketeering, perjury, fraud, etc.  Mr. Obama’s stats would be right up there to equal Hillary’s.

Hillary would be the first of one thousand collectible “Behind Bars” trading cards.  I would love to collect cards of Harry Reid, the Nevada mobster, Sheila Jackson Lee, the former slave now turned professional racist.
John Kerry’s mug shot would be extremely popular among our military veterans.  Kerry is well known for betraying the military and this nation at every opportunity.  I am convinced that one reason Obama appointed him to be Secretary of State is because it is such a slap in the face to the US military.  Among the military collectors, one John Kerry card would be worth at least a Lindsey Graham and a John Boehner card.  Oh yes, just because John Boehner was run out of congress does not mean his mug shot should not be an important part of the Behind Bars collection.

Those who betrayed this nation and then left office are just as deserving of justice as those still in office.  Eric Holder comes to mind.  Holders booking photo stats would include obstruction of justice, gun running, conspiring with the drug cartels, perjury, and treason among others.
Al Gore should also be high on the list of collectible mug shots, especially after he instigated the most profitable political scam in the history of the world.  Not only has Gore bilked more money out of people than Ponzi could have dreamed of, Gore has done more to push fear mongering politics than anyone else I can think of.

We could have a special collectors set of mug shots from California.  Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters have all earned their place in the Behind Bars mugshot collection.

So, how do we get this valuable collection of trading cards started?  We need a President who is willing to prosecute these weasels and at this point, only Donald J. Trump has the nerve to say that he will do it.  That, in my opinion makes him supremely qualified to serve as the next president of the USA.

Okay, so who wants to trade me an Al Sharpton in New York State Prison card for a Barack Obama in a cage in Guantanamo Bay card?

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