The Hurricane Matthew Warning Shot


Was Hurricane Matthew a “warning shot” from God?
Hurricane Matthew’s “flyby” of the  Florida coastline was like being threatened by a gigantic fighter jet.

“If God does not soon judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah”
(Ruth Graham Bell)

For two generations now the USA has been going down a bad road of ever increasing immorality and corruption.  We have gone from being a “Nation Under God” who’s national motto was “In God We Trust”….to being a nation that spits in the face of God and is dedicated to the most abominable practices imaginable.

The Bible and history show that there are three things guaranteed to bring down the hammer of God’s judgment upon a nation and a people and those three things are:
1. Child Sacrifice
2. Sexual Immorality
3. False Religions
Think about it America!  Those three things are the top priorities of the Democrat Party with the Republican Party either helpless to stop them or fully cooperating with them.

1. Child Sacrifice
Child Sacrifice is alive and well in America with Planned Parenthood butchering healthy, living children and selling their body parts for profit.
The blood of over fifty million dead American children stains the landscape.
The historical accounts of the Old Testament tells us the stories of children being sacrificed to the false gods of Baal and Molech.  Israel had turned away from the One True God and embraced the sin of false religions.

Sinful Israel burned their children alive to appease the demonic entities Baal and Molech.
Queen Jezebel, considered by many to be the most evil woman who ever lived was brutal in forcing people to bow down to the false gods.  The patience of God finally ran out for Jezebel and she died a horrible death, eaten by dogs.

2. Sexual Immorality
Child sacrifice was only a part of Baal worship.  Homosexual, bisexual and bestiality orgies were openly practiced by Baal worshipers and lo and behold, look what is happening today. The same kinds of sexual immorality is hitting the USA like a tsunami.
The same sinful behaviors are now spreading all through American culture with the added bizzareness of transgenderism.
Militant homosexuals have taken over America and our own federal government  is openly embracing their evil and passing laws to protect them and give them rights that are superior to the Christian right to freely worship.
And what is sure to anger God more than anything is when the militant sexual sinners deliberately target children, to bring them into the lifestyle of sin and death!

3. False Religions
The most violent false religion in the world is flowing into the USA from the Middle East.  The descendants of the ancient Baal and Molech worshipers are now known as Muslims.  They may not claim Baal and Molech anymore, but the god they worship is every bit as demonic.
Just this last week in New York City, a replica of the ancient “Arch of Baal” was placed in a city park.  Never before in American history would such a demonic structure be permitted in a public park.  The enemies of faith and freedom have become so bold that they don’t even try to hide their demonic affiliations anymore.

If you have ever read the Koran, you will notice that in almost every chapter it warns about “the sin of adding others to God.”  That refers to saying that God has a son.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God is directly opposed by Islam.  In fact, the “unforgivable” sin in Islam is saying that God has a son.
The primary purpose for the existence of Islam is to oppose the Son of God.

There is no question that Islam is the spiritual foundation that will give rise to the anti- Christ.

The USA has deliberately spit in the face of God, our national sins demand that God deliver justice to the USA and it is no longer a matter of if God hammers the USA, it is now when.
When God brings judgment upon a wayward nation, He tends to do it in three ways:

1. Evil Leaders
One judgment of God is raising up evil leaders who lead the wayward nation into even more sin.  The eight years of Barack Obama have been the most immoral years the USA has ever seen.  The President of the United States had the audacity to light up the White House in the colors of the militant homosexual flag.  That was nothing less than a national insult to God and to the men and women of the Judeo Christian faith.
Under Obama, sexual immorality has exploded in America and the militants are now attacking Christians with devastating lawsuits and I believe violence will soon follow.

Men and women who refuse to acknowledge God will eventually  be given over to a “depraved mind.” (Romans 1:28)  I believe the depraved minds have reached as high as the White House.  Surely disastrous judgment by God cannot be far behind.

2. Captivity
History shows that when Israel disobeyed God, he led them into brutal captivity by their enemies.
The descendants of the people who took ancient Israel into captivity (slavery) are the Muslims who are now streaming across our borders and setting up their mosques all over the nation.
Islam is not here to assimilate…..Islam is here to conquer!
The mechanism to take the USA into slavery is being put into place.

3. Natural Disasters
Because of worldwide sin, God once violently wiped out all air breathing life on earth with the great flood, evidence of which can be found in every nation.
Sodom and Gomorrah were incinerated to ashes by God specifically for the sin of homosexuality and all the evils it brings.

And that brings us to Hurricane Matthew.  I found it very interesting how that hurricane merely buzzed the coastline.  Was Hurricane Matthew a warning from heaven?

The USA is running out of time.  I believe the patience of God is running out.
There is only one thing that will keep the USA from being hammered by divine justice from heaven and that is for us to get back to once again being “a nation under God.”  A nation that recognizes and obeys the Heavenly Father upon who’s word this nation was founded.

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