Burt Keefer’s America: No Documents Required


Our beloved America has been going down a bad road for a long time and now we are at the point where government corruption and sabotage of our national security has put the survival of the nation in jeopardy.

I am proud to stand with patriotic Americans who recognize the danger and work tirelessly to warn Americans and to wake them to action.

Today I want to highlight a new video by Burt Keefer called “America: No Documents Needed”.  Click Here to view: America: No Documents Required
This new video is one of the most complete indictments of our border security I have ever seen.  “America: No Documentation Needed” should be mandatory for every high school, college and congressman in America.

Massive welfare fraud and abuse, violent crime, criminal gangs and outright voter fraud are some of the problems brought to us via failed border security.
At this stage of the game, I agree with Burt that only “President Trump” can make a difference now.  He seems to be the only man in Washington who actually cares about the survival of the USA.

I am posting this article to encourage people to watch and pass this video to as many people as possible, especially to all of the Trump outlets.  Mr Trump needs to see and act upon the information in this video.

Meanwhile, as American citizens, need to prepare for a new America, a violent America.
As a twenty year law enforcement veteran, I can tell you that illegals have planted the seeds  into our society for a massive crime wave.  We are only seeing the beginnings of it now.

The most dangerous possibility, in my opinion, is that this massive invasion of foreign nationals is intended to overwhelm the votes of conservative, patriotic, Christian Americans.  If the Washington DC thugs get their way, they will flood this nation with so many welfare dependent illegals, conservative voters may never again be able to elect good, honest candidates to national office.
And once the liberal left think they “own” the ballot box, it will be all out war to finish off the freedoms we hold so dear.  Freedom of religion and freedom of speech will be the first to go.  The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms will quickly follow.

And once those foundational freedoms are gone, America will descend into a totalitarian government run by left wing liberals.

So wake up America!  Send “America: No Documents Needed” to everybody you can.

The time is short, the stakes are high.

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