Wild Bill is a retired law enforcement officer and former U.S. Marshal who grew up in the mountains of Colorado with a strong faith in God and Country!

After 20 years in law enforcement he attended Bible College and then served on the mission field for several years.  Nouthetic Biblical Counseling is a passion for Bill and he has seen amazing life changes in suffering people when they finally got serious about their Christian faith.

He has traveled the world as a security specialist and anti-terrorism specialist.

He now serves as an enthusiastic Tea Party member and is co-founder of the Daytona Beach chapter of Act for America.

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    mr.wild bill for america. thank you for being out there . being a voice for us americans , iam making so waves to just not on that level . i love my country and the people in it what a place to live ! my son is in the army as well as my family tradition to serve our country and some are marines .airforce pilot that refuels in the air and navy. have you heard of the oath keepers ( oathkeepers.org ) there are a great aswell……god bless and keep up the good work……the hartwells ps my capslock was not working right so sorry about not useing capitals

  2. Mr. Bill…I love your shows on IOTW. Keep up the awesome work! In referance to the border ‘tween Mexico and America show…Obama wants a one world governace, under his plan Mexico will become part of America or at least part of his “kingdom”. I see him never completing the border fence. I think that is the reason he sued Arizona.

  3. Wild Bill, I’m a liberal and I’m proud of it ! I’m for gay rights, gay marriage, I’m pro-choice,
    for separation of church and state , pro gun control, NOT making all guns illegal, absolutley opposed to allowing the government into people’s bedrooms, private lives, women’s reproductive organs, for women’s rights, a proud supporter of the National Endowment For The Arts , consider it my patriotic duty to pay taxes , an admirer of Barack Obama ,but not a worshiper , absolutely opposed to teaching creationist ignorance in our schools,
    opposed to the threat of creeping Christian theocracy in America, etc
    Everything you despise . But I’m still a patriot and love America, don’t hate our military ,and am not opposed to Christianity per se but to Christian theocracy or anything wjhich brings America closer to it .

  4. I am sorry, I think I left a reply to you threw a lost souls remark. I am trying to let you know who I am in a soft way though. We are targets of the global elite, so watch your back. You can if you want email me direct. If not much luck to you and yours and God bless forever, your friend — Sharen

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