Burt Keefer’s America: No Documents Required


Our beloved America has been going down a bad road for a long time and now we are at the point where government corruption and sabotage of our national security has put the survival of the nation in jeopardy.

I am proud to stand with patriotic Americans who recognize the danger and work tirelessly to warn Americans and to wake them to action.

Today I want to highlight a new video by Burt Keefer called “America: No Documents Needed”.  Click Here to view: America: No Documents Required
This new video is one of the most complete indictments of our border security I have ever seen.  “America: No Documentation Needed” should be mandatory for every high school, college and congressman in America.

Massive welfare fraud and abuse, violent crime, criminal gangs and outright voter fraud are some of the problems brought to us via failed border security.
At this stage of the game, I agree with Burt that only “President Trump” can make a difference now.  He seems to be the only man in Washington who actually cares about the survival of the USA.

I am posting this article to encourage people to watch and pass this video to as many people as possible, especially to all of the Trump outlets.  Mr Trump needs to see and act upon the information in this video.

Meanwhile, as American citizens, need to prepare for a new America, a violent America.
As a twenty year law enforcement veteran, I can tell you that illegals have planted the seeds  into our society for a massive crime wave.  We are only seeing the beginnings of it now.

The most dangerous possibility, in my opinion, is that this massive invasion of foreign nationals is intended to overwhelm the votes of conservative, patriotic, Christian Americans.  If the Washington DC thugs get their way, they will flood this nation with so many welfare dependent illegals, conservative voters may never again be able to elect good, honest candidates to national office.
And once the liberal left think they “own” the ballot box, it will be all out war to finish off the freedoms we hold so dear.  Freedom of religion and freedom of speech will be the first to go.  The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms will quickly follow.

And once those foundational freedoms are gone, America will descend into a totalitarian government run by left wing liberals.

So wake up America!  Send “America: No Documents Needed” to everybody you can.

The time is short, the stakes are high.

Pervert Wars 2017


“But be on your guard; for they will deliver you to the courts, and you will be flogged in the synagogues, and you will stand before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them. (Mark 13:9 NASB)

 “You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.” Mark 13:13 NASB)

Jesus told us it was going to come…..persecution of all those who are Christians.  Many in the USA never thought it could happen here.  But today we see the storm clouds of persecution forming over the USA and the “cause” that is coming against the Christian Church in the USA is the homosexual movement and all the variations of perversion that it is generating.

When the Supreme Court handed down the Obergefell decision, declaring same sex marriage to be the law of the land, they not only violated  judicial precedent and ethics, they deliberately set up a head on collision between the Christian Church and the liberal left wing extremists.

Sexual perversion is absolutely condemned throughout God’s Word and Christians (and Jews) are commanded to avoid all such immorality!  No man or woman who names the name of Christ can embrace what God calls wickedness.
The very first line of the Bill of Rights gives absolute guarantee that American citizens have the right to freely exercise our Christian faith without government interference.

The primary reason the United States came into existence was to give men and women of faith a place where they could practice the Christian faith freely without being threatened by the government or anyone else.
But sadly, the enemies of faith don’t see it that way.  They are hell bent on bringing down every vestige of Christian morality in this nation and they intend to do it by force if necessary.

The Democrat Party is completely sold out to the sexual immorality platform.  Vice President Joe Biden recently announced that gay rights trump religious rights.
Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton said in 2015 that “religious beliefs must be changed”.

They will begin by passing immoral laws intended to force people to embrace sexual perversion.  There are already laws in place designed to force churches to allow transgenders to use any bathroom or shower facility in the church.  The scriptures however command Christians to expel those who practice such things.

For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church? 13 But those who are outside, God  judges. Remove the wicked man from among yourselves.
(1st Corinthians 5:12-13 NASB)

When faithful Christians refuse to bow down to immoral laws, the enemies of faith will file lawsuits intended to devastate churches and individuals.  Unelected anti-discrimination committees have already slapped Christians with huge fines for obeying God.
Just as the Scriptures said, we will be hauled before authorities to answer for our obedience to Christ but God reassures us and tells us to not be fearful.  He will be with us during those difficult times.

As Christians, we have the rock solid Word of God to stand on and as Americans we have the Bill of Rights on our side.
2017 will be the year when the war on Christianity in America will begin in earnest.  I pray the church in America will be ready.

Time For a Showdown!


It is time for a showdown between the American people and the Republican Party.

It’s time for the Republican Party to answer for their eight years of betrayal!  As an American, I am beyond fed up.  I am outraged at the Republican Party’s joining Obama’s Democrats to sabotage America.

The federal government has become the Republican/Democrat party and the system of checks and balances that is so vital to keeping American freedom alive is virtually dead.
We are dangerously close to living under the tyranny of a one party government.

The lawlessness of the Obama regime has brought economic, cultural and moral disaster on the USA.  The Republican Party was duty bound to stop Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional and morally bankrupt political garbage, but they didn’t even try.

We gave the Republicans control of the house and senate and they promised, again and again, that they would defund and dismantle Obamacare, they would stop the suicidally stupid Iran deal, they would put an end to the foreign invasion by unvetted Muslims from terrorist nations. But then, they turned around and voted to fully fund all of Obama’s disgraceful projects and no matter how much We The People screamed, the Republicans gave Obama everything he wanted……everything!

Hillary Clinton has been shown to be a vicious career criminal who, after committing multiple crimes as Secretary of State, deliberately destroyed evidence after it was subpoenaed!  That is a crime!  Americans finally thought the Hillary Clinton crime spree was going to come to a screeching halt.  But to our dismay, Clinton was allowed to walk away scott free!  And the Republicans did nothing!

Millions are ready to walk away from the Republican Party and I am one of them!

For the record, I am all in for getting Donald Trump elected as president because I believe stopping Hillary Clinton is the most important national security issue today.  She is viciously anti First Amendment and will pack the Supreme Court with hardcore left wing extremists who will have no problem “discovering” that there is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech if it offends sexual perverts or Muslims.
And you can also bet that Hillary’s Supreme Court will also declare the right to keep and bear arms to be null and void as well.

Hillary Clinton will march this nation towards civil war.  And we cannot trust the Republican Party to do anything to protect the nation or the American people.

I am calling upon all Americans to vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election, because that is the only way to drive a stake through the heart of Hillary Clinton’s political career.

But……once the November Election is over…..it is time to go to war with the treasonous Republican Party.  For several years now, I have been saying that the 2016 elections are the make it or break it point for the Republican Party.  That time has arrived and the Republican Party has shown no willingness to honor their oath of office or to faithfully represent their constituents.

On November 9th, 2016, the day after the 2016 presidential election, I am joining the Constitution Party.  It is the only political party in the USA that is faithful to the God and Country principles upon which this nation was founded.

The Constitution Party is the only political party that is determined to stand up against the tsunami of homosexual militancy that is sweeping this nation like a broken sewer pipe.  It is the only party to accurately diagnose the Islamic invasion and to have a plan to deal with it.

Of course some will howl, “Bill, if you go third party, you will only hand control over to the Democrats!”  To that I say….open you eyes!  The Republicans have already handed control over to the Democrats.

It is time for the American people to have a political party that they can trust and I am calling on the millions of Americans who are finally fed up with the Republican Party to do something about it!  Burn your Republican registration and joing the only trustworthy party in America, the Constitution Party.

For info go to http://www.constitutionparty.com

The Hurricane Matthew Warning Shot


Was Hurricane Matthew a “warning shot” from God?
Hurricane Matthew’s “flyby” of the  Florida coastline was like being threatened by a gigantic fighter jet.

“If God does not soon judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah”
(Ruth Graham Bell)

For two generations now the USA has been going down a bad road of ever increasing immorality and corruption.  We have gone from being a “Nation Under God” who’s national motto was “In God We Trust”….to being a nation that spits in the face of God and is dedicated to the most abominable practices imaginable.

The Bible and history show that there are three things guaranteed to bring down the hammer of God’s judgment upon a nation and a people and those three things are:
1. Child Sacrifice
2. Sexual Immorality
3. False Religions
Think about it America!  Those three things are the top priorities of the Democrat Party with the Republican Party either helpless to stop them or fully cooperating with them.

1. Child Sacrifice
Child Sacrifice is alive and well in America with Planned Parenthood butchering healthy, living children and selling their body parts for profit.
The blood of over fifty million dead American children stains the landscape.
The historical accounts of the Old Testament tells us the stories of children being sacrificed to the false gods of Baal and Molech.  Israel had turned away from the One True God and embraced the sin of false religions.

Sinful Israel burned their children alive to appease the demonic entities Baal and Molech.
Queen Jezebel, considered by many to be the most evil woman who ever lived was brutal in forcing people to bow down to the false gods.  The patience of God finally ran out for Jezebel and she died a horrible death, eaten by dogs.

2. Sexual Immorality
Child sacrifice was only a part of Baal worship.  Homosexual, bisexual and bestiality orgies were openly practiced by Baal worshipers and lo and behold, look what is happening today. The same kinds of sexual immorality is hitting the USA like a tsunami.
The same sinful behaviors are now spreading all through American culture with the added bizzareness of transgenderism.
Militant homosexuals have taken over America and our own federal government  is openly embracing their evil and passing laws to protect them and give them rights that are superior to the Christian right to freely worship.
And what is sure to anger God more than anything is when the militant sexual sinners deliberately target children, to bring them into the lifestyle of sin and death!

3. False Religions
The most violent false religion in the world is flowing into the USA from the Middle East.  The descendants of the ancient Baal and Molech worshipers are now known as Muslims.  They may not claim Baal and Molech anymore, but the god they worship is every bit as demonic.
Just this last week in New York City, a replica of the ancient “Arch of Baal” was placed in a city park.  Never before in American history would such a demonic structure be permitted in a public park.  The enemies of faith and freedom have become so bold that they don’t even try to hide their demonic affiliations anymore.

If you have ever read the Koran, you will notice that in almost every chapter it warns about “the sin of adding others to God.”  That refers to saying that God has a son.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God is directly opposed by Islam.  In fact, the “unforgivable” sin in Islam is saying that God has a son.
The primary purpose for the existence of Islam is to oppose the Son of God.

There is no question that Islam is the spiritual foundation that will give rise to the anti- Christ.

The USA has deliberately spit in the face of God, our national sins demand that God deliver justice to the USA and it is no longer a matter of if God hammers the USA, it is now when.
When God brings judgment upon a wayward nation, He tends to do it in three ways:

1. Evil Leaders
One judgment of God is raising up evil leaders who lead the wayward nation into even more sin.  The eight years of Barack Obama have been the most immoral years the USA has ever seen.  The President of the United States had the audacity to light up the White House in the colors of the militant homosexual flag.  That was nothing less than a national insult to God and to the men and women of the Judeo Christian faith.
Under Obama, sexual immorality has exploded in America and the militants are now attacking Christians with devastating lawsuits and I believe violence will soon follow.

Men and women who refuse to acknowledge God will eventually  be given over to a “depraved mind.” (Romans 1:28)  I believe the depraved minds have reached as high as the White House.  Surely disastrous judgment by God cannot be far behind.

2. Captivity
History shows that when Israel disobeyed God, he led them into brutal captivity by their enemies.
The descendants of the people who took ancient Israel into captivity (slavery) are the Muslims who are now streaming across our borders and setting up their mosques all over the nation.
Islam is not here to assimilate…..Islam is here to conquer!
The mechanism to take the USA into slavery is being put into place.

3. Natural Disasters
Because of worldwide sin, God once violently wiped out all air breathing life on earth with the great flood, evidence of which can be found in every nation.
Sodom and Gomorrah were incinerated to ashes by God specifically for the sin of homosexuality and all the evils it brings.

And that brings us to Hurricane Matthew.  I found it very interesting how that hurricane merely buzzed the coastline.  Was Hurricane Matthew a warning from heaven?

The USA is running out of time.  I believe the patience of God is running out.
There is only one thing that will keep the USA from being hammered by divine justice from heaven and that is for us to get back to once again being “a nation under God.”  A nation that recognizes and obeys the Heavenly Father upon who’s word this nation was founded.

The “Behind Bars” Collection


All I want for Christmas is Donald Trump in the White House and a copy of Hillary Clinton’s booking photo.
We  could probably sell enough of Hillary’s mug shot to pay down the national debt.
Which would probably be the only good think Hillary Clinton has ever done for the USA.

I’m pretty sure Mr. Putin would buy one.  I know Mr. Netanyahu would buy one.

In fact, Hillary Clinton’s booking photo would be so popular, we could offer it as the first in a collection.  The “Behind Bars” mug shot collection with Hillary as #1.  Of course that would have to be followed by Barack Obama’s booking photo.  Which one would be the most popular among collectors, I don’t know.  They are both pretty well hated to the max.

We could even offer baseball size trading cards with the stats for each corrupt bureaucrat on the back.  Hillary’s would include conspiring with terrorists, treason, money laundering, dereliction of duty, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, bribery, racketeering, perjury, fraud, etc.  Mr. Obama’s stats would be right up there to equal Hillary’s.

Hillary would be the first of one thousand collectible “Behind Bars” trading cards.  I would love to collect cards of Harry Reid, the Nevada mobster, Sheila Jackson Lee, the former slave now turned professional racist.
John Kerry’s mug shot would be extremely popular among our military veterans.  Kerry is well known for betraying the military and this nation at every opportunity.  I am convinced that one reason Obama appointed him to be Secretary of State is because it is such a slap in the face to the US military.  Among the military collectors, one John Kerry card would be worth at least a Lindsey Graham and a John Boehner card.  Oh yes, just because John Boehner was run out of congress does not mean his mug shot should not be an important part of the Behind Bars collection.

Those who betrayed this nation and then left office are just as deserving of justice as those still in office.  Eric Holder comes to mind.  Holders booking photo stats would include obstruction of justice, gun running, conspiring with the drug cartels, perjury, and treason among others.
Al Gore should also be high on the list of collectible mug shots, especially after he instigated the most profitable political scam in the history of the world.  Not only has Gore bilked more money out of people than Ponzi could have dreamed of, Gore has done more to push fear mongering politics than anyone else I can think of.

We could have a special collectors set of mug shots from California.  Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Maxine Waters have all earned their place in the Behind Bars mugshot collection.

So, how do we get this valuable collection of trading cards started?  We need a President who is willing to prosecute these weasels and at this point, only Donald J. Trump has the nerve to say that he will do it.  That, in my opinion makes him supremely qualified to serve as the next president of the USA.

Okay, so who wants to trade me an Al Sharpton in New York State Prison card for a Barack Obama in a cage in Guantanamo Bay card?

The Outlaws Chapel


“God and Country” are the two things the liberal left hate more than anything else.  They are hell bent on destroying both faith in God and American patriotism!

My mission as “Wild Bill for America” has been to call this nation back to the “God and Country” principles upon which this nation was founded.  I am convinced that the Christian Judeo principles of our Founding Fathers were the key to the unparalleled success of the USA.
I further believe that every major problem facing this nation can be traced to the USA walking away (being dragged away) from the biblical principles upon which this nation was founded.

Today, I stand against the godless, America hating left by serving as host of The Outlaws Chapel, an Internet site for men and women of faith who have had enough of the militant left coming against everything the USA stands for.
Our motto at Outlaws Chapel is this:

“When The Laws of Men Violate The Laws of God,
Our Duty is Clear,
We Must Obey God Rather Than Men”

We must not surrender to  immoral laws being forced upon us by a corrupted U.S. Government.  Our duty and authority to resist such evil is clearly laid out in the New Testament.  Jesus Christ himself openly battled the leaders of his time.  John the Baptist publicly challenged King Herod “for all the evil he had done”.  The Apostles, when they were hauled into court and ordered not to preach in the name of Jesus told the authorities “We must obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29 ISV)

So why do we call ourselves the “Outlaws Chapel”?
Because Jesus and all of his followers were considered outlaws by the authorites of their day, and faithful men and women have been considered to be outlaws by anti-God authorities ever since.

Want to call us outlaws because we refuse to obey laws forcing sinful sexual immorality on America?  No problem!  We will proudly bear the title outlaw for being obedient to God’s Word.
I would rather be considered an outlaw by men for following God than to be considered an outlaw by God for bowing down to evil laws.

America’s traditional biblical values have been under vicious attack by the left and they have worn down the moral standards of this nation so badly that we now have people sexually mutilating themselves  in their pursuit of immoral orgasms.
We have suffered two terms of the most lawless and morally degenerate president in American history and it appears that one of his top priorities has been to force sexual immorality on the American people.

It was announced this week that the Obama Administration will be naming a U.S. Navy ship in honor of a notorious homosexual pedophile who stalked and raped underage boys!  This is a new low in American history.

Enough is enough!  It’s time to say “NO MORE” to the despicable policies of the left.  Where are the men and women of faith  with the courage to stand up against the militant leftists overrunning our nation?

When the Obama influenced Supreme Court handed down the Obergefeld decision, supposedly giving legal status to homosexual marriage, it was a declaration of war on America’s Christian values.  This is why organizations like the Outlaws Chapel are needed to stand firm against such outrages.

If you are fed up and have the courage to stand boldly against the immoral left in America then please consider joining us at http://www.outlawschapel.com

For more info go to: Outlaws Chapel (a troll free zone…..$10 a month keeps them out)

Preparing for Hillary


Mrs Rodriguez wrote me a note asking advice on how she and her family should prepare for a Hillary regime.  They are living in Rhode Island and are right in the middle of a liberal nightmare.

While my personal belief is that Mr. Trump will in the presidency by a large margin, it is always possible that the Democrats will lie, cheat and steal enough to get Hillary enough electoral votes where she can claim victory.  This is a frightening situation.  The Democrats have finally pushed this nation so far to the left that Hillary may have the opportunity to instigate the classic totalitarian collapse of our system.

Historically, the left have used mass chaos to force their totalitarian systems of government upon free people.  Cuba and Venezuela are good examples.  The USA is now poised to see mass chaos thanks to the despicable maneuverings of the Democrats.    The thugs of the Democrat party are standing by just like Hitler’s brown shirts in 1939.
Hillary’s brown shirts are the Black Lives Matters group, the New Black Panthers, militant homosexual groups, the SEIU union thugs and a substantial number of left wing college student groups.

What is really frightening is the one million plus Muslims that have streamed into this nation recently from the Middle East.  Barack Obama flung open the doors and told them to come and you can bet the terrorist organizations took full advantage of that suicidally stupid political stunt.  There is no way of knowing how many “death to America” terrorists are now in our country.  It is going to get ugly.

Fortunately, the USA is large enough that the leftist chaos will be largely limited to major urban areas and surrounding areas.  I cannot emphasize this enough……get out of the Democrat controlled big cities!  They have never been good places for your family and when the left launch their storm of chaos to collapse our American system, the Democrat controlled areas will be like war zones.

Most people cannot afford more than one home and many are not able to move to a new location.  To those people, I suggest that you get a trailer that you can load up your family in and drive a few hundred miles to a place where you can escape the roving hordes.
When I was on the mission field, I lived for three years in a fifth wheel trailer and thorougly enjoyed it.
Start now exploring potential camping spots along streams and rivers that would provide water for bathing, cooking and washing.

If you choose to stay home and “hunker down in place” then you will need to start preparing to endure what may turn out to be a long seige.
The worst case scenario is where electricity is cut off from major cities.  Once the electricity is out, the pressure in city water systems will quickly diminish and people will have no drinking water.
The stores will empty of goods in a matter of days and then it will become the survival of the meanest.  This is why I believe the best plan for city dwellers is to get out of the major cities if at all possible.

Here is my list of critical needs if “Hurricane Hillary” tries to decimate America.
1. Trusted Friends
2. Food, Water and Shelter
3. Communications
4. Security
5. Bartering Supplies

Trusted friends will be more valuable than gold.  Start now to build a list of your most trusted people and talk to them about mutual assistance should the left launch their storm of chaos.

Do what you can to ensure that your group of friends possess the knowledge and skills to make life easier for all.  I firmly believe that a good Bible teacher/pastor will be essential to maintaining morale and giving hope to all who are displaced.
Medical skills will always be in demand in emergency situations.  Get training or find friends who are skilled in these areas.

Support Your Local Sheriff
Don’t neglect to build friendships with your local elected Sheriff.
The Sheriff has full authority to order unlawful government agents out of his/her county and to stop illegal seizures of your property. Support the Sheriff’s Department and do all you can to see that they have the manpower and equipment to stand firm against illegal government encroachment and any rioters/looters.

Young and or Strong
In a survival situation, expect some hard work.  Hauling water, hunting, fishing, gathering, digging and tending a garden, building shelters, fending off people who want to take what you have.
Start getting in shape NOW…..walk, run, hit the gym, get a bike and use it.

Food, Water and Shelter
These will be your most critical needs.  Begin educating yourself now!
People can grow an amazing amount of vegetables in their own back yard.  One of the prepper TV shows had a family in downtown Los Angeles that had built pallet gardens in their back yard.  Apparently they were growing so much food that they were giving it away to their neighbors  That is encouraging.

Clean drinking water is priority number one with me.  Dirty drinking water is the number one killer around the world.  Installing a hand pump well at your house is one of the smartest things you can do and it might save a lot of people from suffering and possibly death.
Ground water and river water cannot be trusted so you must be prepared to boil it or purify it prior to letting your family drink it.    Put some serious thought into how you can provide a large amount of drinking water for your family and friends.
Rain water is usually drinkable without purification.  God has set up a marvelous system with the water cycle.

Don’t expect to rely on cell phone or internet.  Citizen’s Band radio or Ham radios will be your best bet to keep in touch with friends and to get the latest news (and gossip…unavoidable).
I also suggest that you invest in some solar panel set ups to keep your stuff charged.  Batteries only last so long and in a crisis may not be available.

In a chaos situation, you may have to fight….get used to that right now.
Predators will come in many forms.  Some may be neighbors who failed to prepare and are now desperate to find food and water for their kids.  Others will not be so innocent.  Many will simply be looking for loot they can use to their advantage.
And lets not forget the criminal gangs the Democrats have been cultivating for years.  They will be looking to rape, kill and rob.
Firearms will be mandatory.  Every adult should have a handgun that is carried at all times and your camp/home/trailer should have one or more long guns (rifle or shotgun) that is out of sight but easily accessible.
And don’t be too quick to shoot.  Sometimes violence begats violence and the last thing you need is someone bent on revenge and planning to put a bullet in you when you are not expecting it.  The Bible says to be at peace with all men as much as it is up to you…..good words of wisdom.  Stand firm, but only use serious force if you have no choice.
Non leathal weapons should also be available.  Sticks, baseball bats, pepper spray, etc.  Not every situation will be a shooting situation.

Set up a system to keep people from approaching your living area.  If they want to talk, they can stand outside a barrier to communicate.  There is no reason to let a potential enemy get into the middle of your family.  Keep your distance from strangers and be prepared to defend your territory.

Bartering Goods
Trading might just be the only way of obtaining goods in a world of chaos, so put some thought into what you can provide for others.
Over the counter medicines will be extremely valuable and probably the “essentials” we tend to take for granted today, toilet paper, toothpaste/toothbrush, soap etc.  So stock up on analgesics, Benadryl, topical antibiotics, anti inflammatories, bandages and so on.

Another high demand good might be the little one serving liquor bottles.  Keep a supply on hand as a “luxury” item.

Grow as much food as you possibly can and if you have a hand pump well, guard it well, clean water might actually be useful as a bartering tool.
For long term barter stuff, you might consider keeping bees for honey and making jerkey or dried fruits and vegetables that can be carried for long periods.

Above all, cultivate and maintain a postive, encouraging attitude.  Such things are contagious.  Arrange for regular worship and Bible study and find someone who has a working knowledge of the scriptures who will be available for prayer and counseling.  If Hillary Clinton gets into the White House, it will be a rough time for people of faith.

I see and hear a lot of worried people out there, taking a few simple steps to prepare can go a long way towards relieving anxieties and getting prepared can actually become some fun hobbies.  Start now….to prepare…..to become educated and well equipped.  Preparing for tough times in never a wasted effort.


Defeating the Never Trumpers


Defeating Hillary Clinton and stopping the Democrat’s war on American morals and freedom is the top priority for all patriotic Americans!  Well, at least it should be.  There appear to be some who are hell bent on sabotaging Donald Trump”s campaign to win the White House.

It grieves me to say that some of these “never Trumpers” are people who call themselves conservative patriots.  These never Trump “trolls” are on a rampage, putting up poisonous posts on conservative sites all over the net in their attempt to destroy Trump’s chances of winning.

The problem is…..Trump is the ONLY person in position to stop Hillary.  So every person who is part of the never Trump rampage is helping Hillary win.

So, how do we stop the never Trump trolls?
Easy, their only power is their never ending stream of poisonous posts that they put on pro Trump sites.  We can silence the never Trump trolls by actively blocking them, banning them and deleting every post they put up.

Block Them, Ban Them and Delete Their Posts!

If people cannot see them or their posts, the never Trump fanatics lose their power to sabotage the battle to stop Hillary.

I have been dealing with the Never Trump trolls and it is clear that they are not interested in honest debate.  They are determined to simply cause harm and create chaos.
But Bill, they will whine, what about freedom of speech?  What about the First Amendment?
Nobody supports the First Amendment more than I do, but when you come onto my Internet pages, uninvited, to insult me and my friends, you lose your right to post on my pages.
I do not let people come in my house and  pee in my living room.  The Never Trump Trolls are not going to march into my computer spaces and spew their grossly exaggerated propaganda intending to hand this nation over to the hounds of hell.

The never Trump movement itself is funded and powered by the George Soros left.  I recognize their tactics, having dealt with them for years on my Wild Bill for America site.  They are absolutely sold out to evil and the destruction of American principles, values and way of life.  They hate the Christian foundations of America more than anything else and are determined to extinguish all traces of Christianity in America.

It is truly sad that men and women who have been solid conservatives have joined the George Soros left in this all out effort to destroy Donald Trump and to install Hillary Clinton as president.  But if our friends choose to join with the enemy just when America needs them most, then I say treat them like the enemy.

We must nullify the power of the never Trump trolls.
If people cannot see their posts, they will have no power.
So, come on keyboard warriors!  You now have a mission!  Something you can do to help save America!

Block Them, Ban Them and Delete Their Posts.


Churches of Cowards


Our nation is filled with corruption because our churches are filled with cowards!

The number one reason the USA is in dire straits morally, economically and educationally is because of the shameful silence of the Christian church over the last forty years.
When the liberal left launched its unholy war on American values back in the sixties, the very first thing they went after was prayer and the bible in public schools.  They knew that the bible and faith in God was the cornerstone of American culture and freedom.  They also knew the importance of taking charge of the children!

And the Christian church did nothing!
A corrupt judge banged his gavel and said no to prayer and bible in the schools and the Christian church, instead of boldly standing upon the First Amendment with the authority of Almighty God, timidly turned away, leaving America’s children at the mercy of godless liberals.

The Christian church in America has a bad habit of retreating when it should stand firm.  The Founding Fathers wrote the First Amendment freedom of religion and speech in stone as a guarantee that the bible and prayer would never be stripped away from our children, our schools, our government or our homes.

But the Bill of Rights stands only so long as We The People are willing to fight for it when the oppressors come against it.  Well, the oppressors came and blatantly violated the religious freedom of millions of American students.
“Oh, But the bible says we are to obey those in authority” some may say, citing Romans 13:1.  But anyone who knows their bible knows that we are to obey the authorities until they cross the line and demand that we disobey the Word of God.

Jesus crossed the authorities when he boldly challenged the religious leaders of his day.  The Apostles of Christ boldly disobeyed the courts after they were ordered to stop preaching the message of salvation!  John the Baptist boldly and publicly challenged King Herod “for all the evil he had done”.  The actions of our Lord and his men make it clear that we are not to obey the authoritues when those authorities are trying to shut down the Word of God and the gospel message.

Romans 13:1 “Every person must be subject to the governing authorities, for no authority exists exept by God’s permission.” (International Standard Version)

This verse, Romans 13:1 has been used as an excuse to avoid conflict with the God haters of America, but the actions of Jesus Christ, John the Baptist and the Apostles all demonstrate that we are  duty bound to defy and challenge authorities that defy the Word of God!

So, here we are, thanks to the shameful silence of the Christian church, in a nation that slaughters unborn children, embraces sexual perversion as if it is the new religion and is now coming after men and women of faith to persecute us for our Christian belief and lifestyles.

The silence of the Christian church must end now!  The USA needs to see Christian courage rising up to challenge the evil in our schools, our government and in the public square.  If John the Baptist can challenge King Herod, we can challenge federal judges!

A silent Christian is a defeated Christian.


The Rise of Chaos

Totalitarian governments have a nasty habit of rising to power in the midst of chaos and crime when the people become so desperate for peace that they cry out for the government to take care of them!

As “America’s Leading Liberalologist” I can tell you that the goal of liberalism is the total control and domination of every man, woman and child. Liberals are determined to dictate to us what we are allowed to teach our children, where we can live, what we are allowed to say, what we are permitted to eat…on and on and on.

The United States Constitution has stymied totalitarians for centuries.  That pesky Bill of Rights that guarantees freedom or religion, freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, right to a jury trial, etc, has blocked the establishment of a dictatorship in the USA.

And that is why the left in the USA are working so hard to instigate chaos in America.  Here are some of the things the radical left are doing to bring chaos to this nation in hopes that they will soon be able to crush constitutional rights.

  1.  The vicious attacks on law enforcement officers by claiming that they are out to assassinate innocent blacks in the streets.  This vile claim has resulted in cities burning and law enforcement officers being assassinated.
  2. The myth of “institutionalized racism”.  Gullible young people are being indoctrinated by radical left professors to believe that white people have deliberately stacked the deck against them, that every problem in their lives is because of white people holding them down.  This lie has resulted in skyrocketing street crimes as black youth go out “hunting” white people to viciously beat and sometimes kill.
  3. The attempt to overrun American communities with Middle East Muslims.  Hundreds of thousands of unvetted men from war zones dominated by ISIS.  How many ISIS terrorists are streaming into the USA?  Nobody knows.  And the radical leftists don’t care.  The more terror attacks the American people suffer under, the sooner Americans will be crying for the federal government to crack down on freedom.
  4. The destruction of the family has caused the foundations of freedom to begin crumbling.  Pornography, threatening parents with prison for spanking their children and government agents forcibly taking children from the homes of good parents has shocked the nation.
  5. The rise of homosexuality, transgenderism and a host of sexual perversi0ns has crushed American morality.  The militant sexual perverts pushing these agendas have a vicious hatred for the traditional faith of America.  New laws allowing the vicious targeting of Christian businesses, churches and individuals is giving rise to the open persecution of men and women of faith.

These are dangerous times for the USA.  The left is on the attack and unless the decent men and women of the USA rise up to fight for faith and freedom, I fear that the totalitarians will soon create enough chaos that they will be able to launch to leftist crack down that will destroy the bill of rights and subject the USA to the same kind of oppression that people of Cuba and the former Soviet Union had to endure.

And that would a tragedy for the whole world.