The Rise of Chaos

Totalitarian governments have a nasty habit of rising to power in the midst of chaos and crime when the people become so desperate for peace that they cry out for the government to take care of them!

As “America’s Leading Liberalologist” I can tell you that the goal of liberalism is the total control and domination of every man, woman and child. Liberals are determined to dictate to us what we are allowed to teach our children, where we can live, what we are allowed to say, what we are permitted to eat…on and on and on.

The United States Constitution has stymied totalitarians for centuries.  That pesky Bill of Rights that guarantees freedom or religion, freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, right to a jury trial, etc, has blocked the establishment of a dictatorship in the USA.

And that is why the left in the USA are working so hard to instigate chaos in America.  Here are some of the things the radical left are doing to bring chaos to this nation in hopes that they will soon be able to crush constitutional rights.

  1.  The vicious attacks on law enforcement officers by claiming that they are out to assassinate innocent blacks in the streets.  This vile claim has resulted in cities burning and law enforcement officers being assassinated.
  2. The myth of “institutionalized racism”.  Gullible young people are being indoctrinated by radical left professors to believe that white people have deliberately stacked the deck against them, that every problem in their lives is because of white people holding them down.  This lie has resulted in skyrocketing street crimes as black youth go out “hunting” white people to viciously beat and sometimes kill.
  3. The attempt to overrun American communities with Middle East Muslims.  Hundreds of thousands of unvetted men from war zones dominated by ISIS.  How many ISIS terrorists are streaming into the USA?  Nobody knows.  And the radical leftists don’t care.  The more terror attacks the American people suffer under, the sooner Americans will be crying for the federal government to crack down on freedom.
  4. The destruction of the family has caused the foundations of freedom to begin crumbling.  Pornography, threatening parents with prison for spanking their children and government agents forcibly taking children from the homes of good parents has shocked the nation.
  5. The rise of homosexuality, transgenderism and a host of sexual perversi0ns has crushed American morality.  The militant sexual perverts pushing these agendas have a vicious hatred for the traditional faith of America.  New laws allowing the vicious targeting of Christian businesses, churches and individuals is giving rise to the open persecution of men and women of faith.

These are dangerous times for the USA.  The left is on the attack and unless the decent men and women of the USA rise up to fight for faith and freedom, I fear that the totalitarians will soon create enough chaos that they will be able to launch to leftist crack down that will destroy the bill of rights and subject the USA to the same kind of oppression that people of Cuba and the former Soviet Union had to endure.

And that would a tragedy for the whole world.

America Unhinged

Hello everybody…..this is one night when I am just shaking my head at all the insanity that has infested my country over the last few years.


Black racists doing everything in their power to keep racism alive.
Socialists, hell bent on bringing equal poverty to all, running for President!
University students who have no idea who George Washington was.
Homosexuals being hailed as heroic figures.
Some people can burn cities with impunity, but ranchers who occupy a federal building to protest government abuse are labeled “terrorists” and jailed without bail.

As Americans, we have lost our way.  Our morality is in the sewers, the national debt is threatening to crush us, violence is rising up from within and without.
If this nation does not return to its roots, we are doomed as a people.  I can’t put it any clearer than that.

There is only one way to restore sanity to the USA and that is for a wholehearted return to the faith of our fathers.  This nation was built upon the rock solid principles of the Holy Bible and every major problem this nation is facing can be traced to the abandonment of those values.  It’s time for the men and women of faith to stand up and boldly lead this nation back to where we should be.

The Golden Rule needs to be put back into the classrooms and if the atheists don’t like it, I don’t care.
It is time for men and women of faith to stop being intimidated by the ridicule of the godless, America hating left.  The Christian church has been silent for too long!

The Black Robe Regiment is coming back to life…..pastors of churches who are vowing to preach the whole Word of God on all topics, including the political situations and cultural decay.

The Outlaws Chapel website is being built and will be online soon as a meeting place for men and women of faith who are ready to stand and do battle against the evil agendas coming against this nation.

I draw strength from the knowledge that God is still in control and that people are rising up to say enough is enough.  I plan to use the Outlaws Chapel to strengthen and encourage those who want to live their lives so as to make a difference.

Thank you to those who have written notes of encouragement, they are much appreciated.

FEDS and RANCHERS and LIARS, oh my


Well my friends, it appears we have yet another Ruby Ridge style tragedy where the FBI gunned down an American who dared to stand boldly against government abuses.

There is bound to be a whole lot of BS flying from both sides, there always is.  The FBI says three shots were fired, one of the eye witnesses says over a hundred shots were fired as they hunkered down in their vehicle.

Easy as pie to prove who is telling the truth….release photos of the vehicle the dead man was driving.

I have been searching the net for photos, but there seems to be none.  Interesting.

As a twenty year law enforcement veteran I have some concerns about how this whole situation was handled from the beginning.  First of all, why was the FBI involved in the first place?  Bank Robbery, terrorism and serious federal felonies are their main focus.
How does a handful of ranchers peacefully occupying an unused building on public land warrant a massive FBI presence?

During my time as a cop, I came to have a deep respect for all law enforcement agencies…..except for the FBI.  I found FBI agents to be untrustworthy, deceptive and supremely arrogant.

The FBI is known in law enforcement circles as the most political of all law enforcement agencies.  Whoever is in the White House, that’s who’s butt the FBI kisses.  They fall all over themselves to ingratiate themselves to the president.  And when I think about the moral and ethical standards of Barack Obama, not to mention his disdain for the Constitution, I have serious concerns about FBI agents acting properly under his command.

If any federal agency should have been involved, it should have been the U.S. Marshals who have full law enforcement authority in any state.

Here is another question that should have been considered by the cops.  What would have happened if the cops had simply gone home?  What if they had simply left the ranchers to occupy that building?

And I would also like to know what consideration was given to the legitimate complaints that triggered this incident.

Meanwhile, lets keep pushing for photos of the vehicle to be released.  The FBI could post those pictures immediately….unless of course…..they have something to hide.


Sugar Water Churches

“When The Laws of Men Violate The Laws of God, Our Duty is Clear,
We Must Obey God Rather Than Men”

What has happened to the Christian Church in America?  The church is supposed to be the conscience of America.  The Christian/Judeo values upon which this nation was founded were deliberately infused into American culture and for two hundred years American children grew up with bible stories in school and at home.

In early America, even the most heathen of people knew the Ten Commandments.  Politicians knew that if they got caught in a lie or a dirty deal that they would be called out from the pulpits and the people listened to the pastors!  I think we could use a little bit of that today……don’t you?

The USA has taken a hard left turn off the “One Nation Under God” highway and the nation is falling apart because of it.  American churches have retreated from the culture and formed their clics behind closed doors.  Few pastors today have the fortitude to preach boldly on the issues of the day.  While homosexuals are targeting American children and government officials are encouraging it, the pastors are carefully keeping their noses buried in their bibles, preaching messages that are carefully crafted to not offend the sex monsters of America.

The most violent false religion on earth is burning and decapitating Christians to oblivion in Middle Eastern nations and they are streaming into the USA where they will do what they always do.   And the American church is silent.

The shameful silence of the Christian church is one of the major reasons these blasphemous movements are taking power.  American churches have become “sugar water churches”, all sweetness and smiles so as to never offend anybody.  Well, sugar water is not good medicine and has no nutritional value.  No wonder the USA is sick….morally….ethically….spiritually…..politically.

Many think American pastors are afraid to take a stand because they fear losing their tax exempt status.  But the sad truth is that American pastors are more afraid of their congregations than they are of the IRS.  They fear that if they take a strong biblical stand on the issues, that many would leave the church.

I say let them leave!  Their influence has been poisoning the conscience of America for far too long!  A church will never be strong as long as it panders to ungodliness.

Its time for the Christian churches of America to rediscover their courage and their place in American culture.  It is time for men and women of faith to rise up with scriptures in hand to say “NO MORE”.

If the Christian churches wont stand against homosexual predators who will?  The only way to deal with a brutally violent false religion is through the One True God and government officials can’t do it.  We are a nation under God and its time to start acting like it again.

The Outlaws Chapel will soon be up and running and will be a place for men and women of faith to come together to stand strong, even when our own government doesn’t like it.  Our motto:

“When The Laws of Men Violate The Laws of God, Our Duty is Clear,
We Must Obey God Rather Than Men”




Going Outlaw!

The time has come for Christians to hit the outlaw trail!

The laws of the USA have become so corrupt and sinful that Christians can no longer obey our own civil authorities.  The final straw was the disgraceful decision by the Supreme Court to ram homosexual marriage down the throats of an unwilling nation!  Now homosexuals are actively targeting Christian businesses to challenge their faithfulness to God.  The homosexuals demand that the Christians honor their blasphemous lifestyle and when the Christians stand firm in their obedience to God, lawsuits are launched to haul the believers before the courts.

Corrupt courts are violating the 8th Amendment prohibition against excessive fines by fining Christians hundreds of thousands of dollars simply for exercising their religion as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

The war on Christians has risen to a whole new level.  The enemies of faith smell blood and are determined to do everything in their power to finally break the influence of the traditional Christian faith of America.

In the new Obama America, sexual perversion trumps the 1st Amendment guarantee of freedom of Religion and freedom of speech.  The constitution has been shredded by those who swore an oath to uphold and defend it.  These are truly shameful days for the USA.

So what are the men and women of faith to do in such shameful times?  That’s easy…..we keep on keeping on!  Jesus and his followers were considered outlaws by the authorities of that day.  The apostles  were commanded by the civil authorities to stop preaching the name of Jesus but the apostles never even slowed down.  When challenged again by the authorities, the apostles told them flat out that they intend to obey God rather than man.  And the apostles kept that vow even when it meant their lives.

From day one true followers of Jesus Christ have been considered outlaws by a world at war with God so today, I am announcing the launch of “The Outlaws Chapel”, an internet community for today’s Outlaws for God.  Our motto:

When The Laws of Men Violate The Laws of God, Our Duty is Clear…We Must Obey God Rather Than Men!

The Outlaws Chapel will soon be online at http://www.outlawschapel.com

Watch for hard hitting videos as we hit back hard in the name of God against evil agendas.


Islamo World

America Bless God Again Logo-2-Proof(1)

I watched Jurassic World last night, a movie about a beautiful tropical theme park of dinosaurs.  Men, women and children eating popcorn and having fun.  But, you won’t believe what happened!  The dinosaurs got loose and started eating people.  Gee, who could have seen that coming?

Fun and games quickly turned to running, screaming, blood and guts!  Absolute disaster for the everyday people who trusted the park administrators to keep them safe.  The people running the park had complete confidence that they could control the dinosaurs and profit from them.  Big mistake.

Today, I watched hundreds of thousands of Muslims overrunning the European nations.  Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, apparently announced that her country will take anyone who claims to be a refugee.  Well, guess what?  ISIS and other terrorists suddenly became “refugees” and are now marching, unchecked through Europe.  Intelligence sources say that Muslims have been stockpiling weapons in Mosques and now jihad terrorists have arrived in force.

Apparently, government officials think they can control these Muslims much like the Jurassic World people thought they could control the dinosaurs.  There is little doubt that the Muslim terrorists are going to go on a bloody rampage that will make the dinosaurs look like hamsters.

Are the European governments suicidal or just stupid?  Islam has made no secret of the fact that the total destruction of European and American lifestyles is their top priority!  They have been telling us for years that they are going to attack us and destroy our culture, our religion and our entire way of life!  They have taken a sacred vow to assassinate, murder, execute anyone who does not bow down to Islam!

So golly gee whiz, what harm could possibly come from flinging open the door and welcoming hundreds of thousands of Muslims to stream into our nations?

Allowing this unmitigated invasion of Middle East Muslims is without doubt the stupidest thing a government can do.  The everyday people trust their government to keep them safe from the monsters and politically correct politicians are serving up their own people as lunch to the most bloodthirsty monsters on earth.

There is no excuse for such outrageous behavior from elected officials.  Someone on the Internet quipped that the name Angela Merkel will go down in German history as the only person more hated than Adolph Hitler.  Hitler very nearly destroyed Germany, it appears that Angela Merkel might succeed.

Grinding Up The Little Boys

One of the major factors in the downfall of the United States is the destruction of American manhood.  Manhood, the art of being a man, is something that is traditionally passed from fathers to sons and from the community to the boys.

There are rules that a man is expected to follow in a manly society- Never hit a girl, never lie, cheat or steal, always be brave but not stupid, never cry when you skin your knees. Always stand for what’s right, even if you stand alone.  And first and foremost, American men are expected to have a deep respect for and allegiance to God and Country, in that order.

Manhood in America is in danger of extinction within a generation and if manhood dies, the American dream will die with it.  So, what do we do?  Well, the remaining real men of America better sound battle stations and take on the people who are destroying manhood in our young people.

I believe the number one culprits are the people occupying America’s public schools.  These vitally important institutions have been infested with hardcore feminists. Seventy percent of teachers are female and the few men in the public schools are mostly administrators who were chosen and hired by the feminists, what does that tell you about them?

Psychologist Enrico Gnaulati makes the case that feminist teachers in the public schools are making school a living hell for little boys.  They have declared normal boyish behaviors like rough housing to be psychiatric personality “disorders”.  they are drugging these boys and forcing them to behave like little girls.  This results in boys hating school and doing poorly, in spite of high IQs.

Want to create a sociopath?  Take a little boy, drug him up, suppress all of his natural instincts and then humiliate him with years of psychobabble!  And then, when a kid snaps and goes on a shooting rampage, blame the NRA.  Get the goofy feminists away from our sons!  America’s boys need men who will let boys be boys.  Not women who want all children to be girls.

Males tend to choose freedom over security, women choose security over freedom. This has led to some serious implications for American freedoms as our government steadily loses its testosterone level.

If we are serious about defending American freedom, we must insist on the establishment of boys schools, taught by men who understand that boyhood is not a disease to be cured.  And we need to stomp out the feminist nastiness that portrays men on television as dolts and pigs.

And here is a Wild Bill Bullet of Truth for the feminists.  Manhood is not a disease to be cured, it is the defender of American freedom and righteousness and it is going to rise up to defeat the real sickness in America….you.