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I watched Jurassic World last night, a movie about a beautiful tropical theme park of dinosaurs.  Men, women and children eating popcorn and having fun.  But, you won’t believe what happened!  The dinosaurs got loose and started eating people.  Gee, who could have seen that coming?

Fun and games quickly turned to running, screaming, blood and guts!  Absolute disaster for the everyday people who trusted the park administrators to keep them safe.  The people running the park had complete confidence that they could control the dinosaurs and profit from them.  Big mistake.

Today, I watched hundreds of thousands of Muslims overrunning the European nations.  Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, apparently announced that her country will take anyone who claims to be a refugee.  Well, guess what?  ISIS and other terrorists suddenly became “refugees” and are now marching, unchecked through Europe.  Intelligence sources say that Muslims have been stockpiling weapons in Mosques and now jihad terrorists have arrived in force.

Apparently, government officials think they can control these Muslims much like the Jurassic World people thought they could control the dinosaurs.  There is little doubt that the Muslim terrorists are going to go on a bloody rampage that will make the dinosaurs look like hamsters.

Are the European governments suicidal or just stupid?  Islam has made no secret of the fact that the total destruction of European and American lifestyles is their top priority!  They have been telling us for years that they are going to attack us and destroy our culture, our religion and our entire way of life!  They have taken a sacred vow to assassinate, murder, execute anyone who does not bow down to Islam!

So golly gee whiz, what harm could possibly come from flinging open the door and welcoming hundreds of thousands of Muslims to stream into our nations?

Allowing this unmitigated invasion of Middle East Muslims is without doubt the stupidest thing a government can do.  The everyday people trust their government to keep them safe from the monsters and politically correct politicians are serving up their own people as lunch to the most bloodthirsty monsters on earth.

There is no excuse for such outrageous behavior from elected officials.  Someone on the Internet quipped that the name Angela Merkel will go down in German history as the only person more hated than Adolph Hitler.  Hitler very nearly destroyed Germany, it appears that Angela Merkel might succeed.

Grinding Up The Little Boys

One of the major factors in the downfall of the United States is the destruction of American manhood.  Manhood, the art of being a man, is something that is traditionally passed from fathers to sons and from the community to the boys.

There are rules that a man is expected to follow in a manly society- Never hit a girl, never lie, cheat or steal, always be brave but not stupid, never cry when you skin your knees. Always stand for what’s right, even if you stand alone.  And first and foremost, American men are expected to have a deep respect for and allegiance to God and Country, in that order.

Manhood in America is in danger of extinction within a generation and if manhood dies, the American dream will die with it.  So, what do we do?  Well, the remaining real men of America better sound battle stations and take on the people who are destroying manhood in our young people.

I believe the number one culprits are the people occupying America’s public schools.  These vitally important institutions have been infested with hardcore feminists. Seventy percent of teachers are female and the few men in the public schools are mostly administrators who were chosen and hired by the feminists, what does that tell you about them?

Psychologist Enrico Gnaulati makes the case that feminist teachers in the public schools are making school a living hell for little boys.  They have declared normal boyish behaviors like rough housing to be psychiatric personality “disorders”.  they are drugging these boys and forcing them to behave like little girls.  This results in boys hating school and doing poorly, in spite of high IQs.

Want to create a sociopath?  Take a little boy, drug him up, suppress all of his natural instincts and then humiliate him with years of psychobabble!  And then, when a kid snaps and goes on a shooting rampage, blame the NRA.  Get the goofy feminists away from our sons!  America’s boys need men who will let boys be boys.  Not women who want all children to be girls.

Males tend to choose freedom over security, women choose security over freedom. This has led to some serious implications for American freedoms as our government steadily loses its testosterone level.

If we are serious about defending American freedom, we must insist on the establishment of boys schools, taught by men who understand that boyhood is not a disease to be cured.  And we need to stomp out the feminist nastiness that portrays men on television as dolts and pigs.

And here is a Wild Bill Bullet of Truth for the feminists.  Manhood is not a disease to be cured, it is the defender of American freedom and righteousness and it is going to rise up to defeat the real sickness in America….you.

The Bumper Sticker

As a conservative Christian Tea Party American, compassion is my middle name.
We conservatives are always on the lookout for ways to serve our fellow man and the other day I thought I saw a chance to really help a lady.

It appeared that some jerk had vandalized her car by slapping an Obama2012 bumper sticker on it. Well, I didn’t want this poor woman to drive around looking stupid so I waited for her to park. She was trying to parallel park and it wasn’t going well. She went back and forth, in and out, trying different angles and she got so angry and frustrated that she began cursing the parking space. It was the parking spaces fault that her plan wasn’t working. Well, it was obvious that her car was too big for the space but that didn’t stop her, she was going to force her plan whether it was working or not.

There was obviously something wrong with that lady and then it hit me.
The Obama sticker was hers. She had done that to her own car. I had a flashback of Allen West saying that people with Obama 2012 stickers were a threat to the gene pool.

Just watching her try to park a car demonstrated that she was an Obama disciple. First of all, it was a bad plan from the beginning. Even a beginner could see that it wasn’t going to work. But just like Obama, she wasn’t about to admit that her plan was foolish and the more it failed, the harder she tried and the worse things got. Straight out of the Obama play book.

Of course it didn’t help that she blamed the parking spot rather than her own poor planning and lack of ability, yet more Obama traits.
The only good thing about the situation was that she was white so she couldn’t accuse the parking space of being racist. She wasn’t a very good liberal or she would have found a way to get the race card in there somehow.

Anyway, I was pleased that another Obama disciple demonstrated to the American public just how unsuited they are to life in a free nation. If she was living in a liberal utopia she would no doubt be a high ranking government bureaucrat. Probably the head of the Federal Department of Car Parking. Why not? She certainly fits Obama’s standards for qualification, kinda like Janet Napolitano or Elena Kagan.

The Cowardly Christian’s Club

Are you a member of the cowardly Christians of America club? It has millions of members all across America. There are entire churches and denominations dedicated to being Cowardly Christians. How do you recognize Cowardly Christians? Its easy, you can identify them by their silence.

Atheists, perverts and leftists wipe their feet on the face of God and shove their anti-God anti-American garbage down the throats of American children. And the silence of the cowardly Christians says a lot.

The most anti-Christian President in history is waging open war against genuine Christian faith, American moral standards and even life itself. Congress is spending our nation to disaster. The public schools are a disgrace.

And what is the response from the Cowardly Christians of America?
Silence. They are hiding behind the church doors. And by remaining silent they are contributing to the downfall of families and society.

If the Christian church had been doing its job, politicians with the morals of Obama would have been exposed and defeated at the ballot box.
What America needs most Truthfulness and high standards would be demanded in all areas of our communities.

Yes its true that Jesus told us to be as harmless as doves and apparently some think that means being the biggest pansies they can possibly be. But our real mission is to follow the example of Christ. He was gentle and compassionate to those who were suffering. But he was tough as nails towards those who were false and sneaky and obstructed God’s will on earth. Today those people are known as liberal Democrats.

Yes, Jesus Christ was the Lamb of God…when he went to the cross….never forget that He is also the Lion of Judah. He was so ferocious that sometimes even his disciples were afraid to ask him questions.

I see people who have the courage to carry a bible into the church building….how many have the courage to carry it into the public arena and declare its principles loud and clear?

Let me give you something to think about. These are the words of Christ Himself:

“If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father’s glory”.(Mark 8:38)

Its time for one million Americans to renounce their membership in the Cowardly Christians of America Club.
A million arrogant sneering God hating liberals are waiting to hear from you. Let them have it.

A Reckoning

At this point in American history we need to stop the Obama assault on American prosperity, freedom and reputation. Conservatives of all colors, religions and social status need to band together into a world class team to evict every one of Obama’s attack dogs from Washington DC.

But, after the 2012 elections, there is going to be a reckoning with the Washington DC Republicans. Their spinelessness in defending America against liberalism is inexcusable.
We are locked in a battle for the heart and soul of America and they are supposed to be our representatives. But they have retreated when they should have advanced. They are silent when they should be declaring freedom, and they are guilty of stealing our children’s future through massively foolish debt.

The day after the 2012 elections, it will be time for a third major political party. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and completely unwilling to reform themselves.

It’s time for Americans to have a political party that we can trust to stand firm for America, a party that does not cower before the left wing media or before violent religions. A party that is unashamed of this nation’s Christian heritage.

That knows the difference between immigration and sedition and is willing to slam the door on foreigners who come to this country for the purpose of overthrowing our government and culture.

A party that will protect our children from perversion and propaganda in the schools;
A party that will submit to an annual audit of all congressional expenditures to eliminate fraud and theft.

It doesn’t matter what we call it…the American Party, the Tea Party, the Freedom Party….we already have a Constitution Party and their party platform is one of the best I have ever read. But they don’t have smart leadership. Instead of working to put their people into state and local legislatures so Americans can get to know them, they blow their entire budget every four years trying to put their guy into the White House. They mean well, but they are wasting money as foolishly as any Democrat.

Conservative Americans outnumber liberal Americans by a huge margin. A political party that was staunchly conservative would be a powerhouse that could restore America. It has to begin in State Legislatures and build from there. It is the state legislatures that will provide a solid foundation for a trustworthy new major political party.

So, Americans, put that on your Christmas list for 2013…..I see good things for America in the years to come.

“Hollywood Smackdown”

Once again I am proud of the American people. For years we have just taken whatever the media wanted to shove down our throats.
But today, the propaganda media got a well deserved smack down by the American people.
The propaganda television show “All American Muslim” is losing its sponsors in droves because Americans are finally standing up and saying “stop lying”. We will no longer tolerate the foolishness of political correctness being shoved down our throats.

One of the businesses that pulled their support is Lowes Home Improvement Stores and I salute them for having the courage to demand truthfulness in the media.

Hollywood, living in its usual fantasy world, tried to portray Islam as being as American as apple pie…..but, as usual, Hollywood has it wrong.

In every nation where Islam has been allowed to flourish, it has destroyed the host culture and dragged the population into slavery. The Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist populations of the Middle East, Africa and Asia have been slaughtered. England, Spain, The Philippines, Norway and France are in the process of being overrun, their police unable to curb the violence.

In nations where Islam rules supreme, Sharia law is enforced by mob violence. Women are whipped into submission and children are taught to hate anyone who is not Muslim.

What is it about liberals and totalitarian politics? Why do they choose the slavery of socialism or communism or Islam over American freedoms? Gee, what could possibly go wrong there? Why is it that freedom loving Americans have to fight continually to keep freedom alive in this nation?
Islam is not compatible with American values. And politicians who go “all in” for Islam cannot be trusted.

Ted Lieu, a California Democrat (strike one and two) is doing his best Obama imitation by threatening to pass legislation to force Lowes to advertise on that TV show! Strike three Ted! This is a free nation, not a dictatorship, but being a California Democrat, I’m not surprised that you don’t know the difference.

So, today I am going to do something important in the fight for American freedoms. I am going to the local Lowes Home Improvement store and I am going to spend a couple hundred dollars on their stuff, whether I need it or not and I am going to tell the manager that I from now on, I’m going to be a regular customer of Lowes because they did the right thing.

Do you want to make a difference? Go do the same thing. Make a purchase and tell the manager why. I guarantee you that message will travel up the Lowes chain of command to the top. Please, go and do that because you know the loony lefties who watch my videos so they can throw a tantrum will go to Lowes just to do their “whah whah whah thing in the managers face and we need to defeat them soundly.

Republicans Neutered

As America’s leading liberalologist I must report some disturbing new data. For years we have believed that neutering a politician automatically resulted in the creation of a liberal democrat.
But ever since John Boehner took office as the new speaker of the house, it appears that Republicans too can operate….without.

Big brave John stood before the cameras with his $1000 dollar suits and Hollywood makeup and spoke encouraging words about cutting the deficit and reigning in out of control spending. Americans were encouraged and thought they could see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it turned out that Mr. Boehner’s promises were about as reliable as a Jennifer Lopez marriage vow.

When it came to actually standing up for the American people the Republican Party wilted like the proverbial snowball in hell. Instead of cutting 100 billion dollars from the deficit, they made token cuts and then handed Obama the right to eliminate 95% of the cuts with the stroke of a pen…which he immediately did.

Boehner and the Republicans delivered about1% of what they had promised us and again the American people were screwed, just like they have been before, and before that, and before that on and on ad nauseum. And the never ending cloud of political gloom settled on America again.

And then came the ultimate betrayal….the Republicans, of all people, voted to raise the debt ceiling. They drilled yet another hole in the hull of the American ship of state so it would sink even faster.

It is the job of congress to act as a check and balance to the President and the President we now have is the most lawless leader this nation has ever had. That skinny little tyrant violates the law every day,…. immigration, Defense of Marriage Act, use of the military, bribery, arming the drug cartels, sending military officers to prison, prosecuting border patrol agents for doing their duty and where are the Republicans to challenge all this? They are silent and I am ashamed of them.

I’m more than ashamed, I’m fed up. I don’t know what is worse, the left flat out tell us what they are going to do. They are going to collapse the economy and turn this nation into a socialist immoral totalitarian state….and they are doing it. The Republicans tell us they are going to save the republic and restore American values and then they turn chicken and let the left get away with wrecking this country.

At this point the only effective tool we have to restore American values is for the states to stand up to the federal government and put it in its place. The Constitution guarantees the states the power to do exactly that. It is time to look to our state Governors and legislatures to stop federal corruption, because it is obvious Washington DC will never clean itself up.